7 Springs PA - February 2nd - February 5th 2013
7 Springs Resort

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Day 1 - Saturday February 2nd.   Flying from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta, then to Pittsburgh.   This was a very interesting trip in that Robert and Laurie flew from Fr. Lauderdale FL, while Ashley and Westly flew from Jacksonville.   We met in Atlanta and boarded the same plane.   The flights were on time, the plan worked, we sat next to each other on the plane ride up to Pittsburgh.     We visited Whole Foods downtown, the place was packed, had the salad bar.      


We drove to the Hampton Inn Somerset, about 1.5 hours south east of Pittsburgh.    Great hotel, they had free cookies and popcorn in the lobby.   We stayed here for one night.  
Hampton Inn Somerset Web Page

We ventured over to 7 Springs and walked around.    A live band was playing.   There was a buzz about the place due to a snowboard qualifying event going on.   


Day 2 - Sunday February 3rd.   Had a continental breakfast in the lobby of the Hampton Inn, checked out, and headed over to 7 Springs.     We did the package deal, which included our room, snow tubing, mini golf, roller skating, bowling, one pizza, 2 breakfast buffets, one dinner buffet, and lift tickets.    Our room was not ready since it was superbowl weekend, and we couldn't go skiing until 4pm, so we went tubing to start the day.   On the way over, we watched some of the Burton Snowboard qualifying event on the half pipe.    Tubing  was fun for about an hour.    A magic carpet takes riders to the top of the hill.   After we went tubing, we tried checking in but our room was not ready until 5pm, which was a bummer.    We ate a pizza, played mini golf and went roller skating.

At 5pm, we finally got our key to the room.    Laurie had balloons and flowers delivered because it was Ashley's graduation present.    The rooms are split, with a bed on each side, and a bathroom in the middle.   

That evening we had the buffet dinner in the grand ballroom.   It was similar to a buffet in Las Vegas, a spread of everything you could imagine, carving station, salad, fruit, pasta, bread, deserts.   

Day 3 - Monday February 4th.   Woke up early went to the breakfast buffet, got our ski cloths on, and headed over to the rental center.     Signed up for lessons, rented our equipment (including helmets), and headed out.  1st picture is a family shot.   Wesley had never seen snow before, this was his first time.   We went down the practice hill a couple times and he made it.    Our instructors arrived, Laurie and Wesley went to the beginner class, Ashley and Robert went to the intermediate class.  


Pictures of Ashley with the ski instructor (green jacket) coming down a blue square trail.    He did a great job of bringing us down the mountain and teaching us new things.  

Various pictures at the bottom of the mountain.  

After our lessons were over, we went back up to the top of the mountain and came down a green circle trailed called Fawn Lane.   


Shots at the top of the Fawn Lane trail.    Wesley came down doing his snow plow stops.    He did a great job for a first time skier.  

Pictures of a building that had icles on it.  We went back to the room and took a break.    That afternoon we went skiing again into the night.    Ashley at the top of the mountain doing a Tebow.      We came down a green circle trailed called Lost Boy, it's the longest trail on the mountain at 1.5 miles.   

No one went tumbling down the mountain, so we celebrated in the Foggy Goggle.  


Day 4 - Tuesday February 5th.  Woke up early, packed the car, ate breakfast at the buffet, checked out of the room, drove back to Pittsburgh, and flew home on Delta.    Flights were on time, Ashley and Wesley went back to Jacksonville, while Laurie and Robert went back to Ft. Lauderdale.  

Observations:  The overall experience was good.    The package deal was worth the money for first time visitors.    The hotel had a Vegas feel to it with the breakfast and dinner buffets.   But in the future, I'd probably buy everything separate.   The problem with the package deal, is skiing doesn't start until 4pm the day of check in.    I'd rather ski early in the morning that day.      The lessons were great, we learned a lot and no one wiped out real bad.     Food at the buffets was awesome, and the people were friendly.    Would we go back?    Yes.   


End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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