Amsoil Transmission Fluid Change


Robert owns a 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab with a 4.7L engine.    The truck has 44k miles on it.  It was decided to change the transmission filter and oil using Amsoil Synthetic.  The code used to buy the oil is ATF-05, which will buy you 5 gallons of fluid (20 quarts).    For my job, about 15 quarts were used.    At the end, I had about half a container left over.   When the truck was purchased, there was no idea the child would become a horse fan and we would end up towing a 1 horse trailer.   The vehicle doesn't have the bigger transmission cooler, so using Amsoil should help to reduce the oil temp.    All pictures were taking with a Sony V1 and reduced to 640x480 for the web.  Click on each picture to make it bigger, then back.

Robert arrived at Aamco of Hollywood FL at 08:00am.  Robert had previously called and arranged to have the filter and gasket ordered.      For this job, a transmission service is done, which is dropping the pan and changing the filter, then a power flush was done.  Total cost of the service from Aamco was $192.44.

Aamco (Robert Romano owner), 1631 N St. Road 7, Hollywood Fl, 33021 (954) 966-0811.   Robert went with me for a test drive to make sure the transmission was ok before they began work.   Not only is he the owner, he works on the cars in his shop, even has a race car.  This guy knows a lot about cars.    

First the pan is dropped and cleaned out.  The gasket is scraped off, and the pan is blasted with air to make it perfectly clean.  Next a new filter is installed.  In pictures 2 and 3 below,  you see the old filter on the table   In picture 4 and 5 below, you see the new filter on the transmission,  the front of the truck is to the left.   The pictures are being taken from the driver side of the truck.  Picture 6 was taken behind the transmission, looking towards the front of the truck.    Picture 7 is the huge catch bucket they have.     The transmission pan is put back with a new gasket.

A picture of the power flusher machine.  Next, the fittings under the truck are prepared for connection to the machine.  This took about an hour for the mechanic to get everything hooked up correctly.  Next, the new oil is loaded into the power flusher and the old oil is drained out.  In the 3rd picture below, you can see the red oil being sucked into the machine thru the big hose in the back.   In the 4th picture, the old oil is drained out.  In the 5th picture, you can see the new oil being sucked from the reservoir and the old oil going into the disposal tank.  In the 6th picture, you can see the machine has been filled with 10 quarts of oil, the grey cylinder is in the middle at 10.  This cylinder rises as the machine runs.   

Some oil is poured into the transmission to prime the system.   The fittings are connected in the 2nd picture below.  The truck engine is started, and the fluid flows from the machine into the truck.  In the 4th picture below, you can see the cylinder rising, it eventually makes it to the top after 10 minutes of running the engine, and putting the transmission in gear.   After the cylinder rises to the top, the engine is shut off, the fittings are disconnected, the fluid is checked and more is added.      A test drive takes place, the mechanic checks for leaks, and the job was finished at about 11:30am, a 3 hour job from start to finish.  I would say about 1 hour of time was spent dropping the pan, changing the filter, and putting the pan back.   2 hours was spent doing the power flush. 

Not all Aamco centers have a power flush machine.  Call them first to see which one near you has it.   Then have them order a pan gasket and filter before showing up.    Dealers do not have a power flush machine either.  If you do a transmission service with them, they will simply drop the pan, change the filter, and refill it, which will leave old fluid in the torque converter.   Bringing 20 quarts of fluid to your local Aamco is the best idea for completely flushing your system.

Click this link to get info on AMSOIL.  This oil beats Mobil 1, Castrol Syntec, Quaker State, and every other oil on the market. 

Click here and look at the comparison.
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End of report.    Thanks for reading.

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