Raliegh NC - Charlotte NC
 Saturday May 2nd - Monday May 4th

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Preface - Carowinds opened a new roller coaster called Fury325.    Robert wanted to check this coaster off his bucket list, and Laurie wanted to visit Calvary Chapel in Raliegh NC.      

Day 1 - Saturday May 2nd 2015.   Here we are in the Ford Escape.    Destiny is happy as we arrive Paw Park near Jacksonville FL.    

Here we are at Native Sun Natural Foods Market.   We visited twice, once on the way up, and on the way back, each time getting a salad bowl.  


A bridge in Jacksonville heading north on I-95.    Destiny chilling out.     Traveling through South Carolina, and North Carolina.  

We checked into the La Quinta Crabtree Raleigh NC.    We left at 03:50am, arrived at 09:30pm, 15 hours and 40 minutes, 830 miles with a few stops along the way. 

Day 2 - Sunday May 3rd 2015.   I dropped Laurie off at Calvary Chapel and took Destiny to Carolina Pines Park.

Here we are at the dog park, which is located in a bunch of trees with pine straw and pine cones.   Felt like being in a forest. 

On the way back from the dog park, I stopped at a highly rated restaurant named Irregardless and picked up food to go.   Pictured are biscuits, banana bread, Seitan Tofu Rueben, and  Black Bean Quinoa Burger.


We drove 3 hours from Raleigh to Charlotte along I-40.   We found a Publix in Charlotte near the La Quinta Airport South.    I stopped in to buy a few gallon water jugs, and some pasta salad which we ate as a snack.

Here I am back at Carowinds.     I had visited two years ago in 2013 to ride Intimidator, shown in pictures 1 and 2.    Now I was back to ride Fury325, shown in pictures 3 through 6.    The entrance travels under the ride, where most people snap pictures of the coaster flying over head.     I paid $29.99 for an after 4pm ticket at the gate. 

This is what I came here to ride, Fury325.    325 feet tall, 320 feet drop, 6602 feet length, 95mph top speed.   I rode in the back, then the front later on that evening.   Wait time was 30 minutes for the first ride, 20 for the 2nd.


Two pictures of Intimidator, another B&M Hyper coaster.    232 feet tall, 212 feet drop, 5316 feet length, 75mph top speed.   Two pictures of Afterburn, a B&M inverted coaster.

While Robert was at Carowinds, Laurie took Destiny to Freedom Park.    Laurie walked Destiny around taking pictures, and buying treats to eat.   

Day 3 - Monday May 4th 2015.

Checked out of the La Quinta leaving at 09:20am.  Drove back to Jacksonville eating at Native Sun.   Arrived home at 09:40pm after driving 730 miles.    We drove the rental car a total of 1,985 miles averaging 27.6mpg.  

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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