Tower of Terror Videos 2005

Disney's California Adventure

Spent two days at Disneyland and DCA March 14th and 15th.   Click on each picture to make it big, then back to return here.

Arizona was on spring break this week and the parks were packed.  Look at the lines of people waiting to get in early.

A picture of Soaring, always a crowd favorite.   The river rapids ride, and two pictures of the Orange Stinger.


A picture of ToT, the front of DCA, and picture of DL, and a pretty horsie walking down the street.

Now what you've all been waiting for.  Two videos of Tower of Terror.    Right click each link and Save As to your hard drive.  The DCA version of ToT is different from the Florida version.  The cars do not move thru the ride.  They back up directly into the main ride shaft.    There are 3 shafts with a car on the lower floor, and a car on the upper floor.   Depending on what library you enter, you go upstairs to board the car.   That means there are 6 loading platforms, 3 below, and 3 above.     What is hard to make out in the videos, is all the shaking and the number of air time pops you get on this ride.   Every time at the top and just before a drop, the car shakes.  Every time you hear someone screaming on the video, it means the car has dropped and we're floating out of our seats.    There are at least 5 air time moments, one that lasts a couple seconds as the car zooms up, and then free falls. (47megs)

In this video, I'm in the front right seat.   Not the best angle to view the ride, but there is a good view out the doors at the top. (48 megs)

This video turned out better, as I'm sitting in the front isle seat. (51megs)

Here's a night time video of California Screaming.  

Two more videos of TOT made by a fan. (2 megs) (4 megs)

End of Report.   Thanks for reading.  

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