2006 Dodge Charger

Amsoil Filter Change


This page will show you what oil filter wrench you need to change the oil in your Dodge Charger.  

The Mopar Oil Filter part number is 05281090.   This is the same no matter what engine size you have.  This part number is located in your manual. 

This filter also fits a Chrysler Concord, Dodge Dakota, plus many others.  If there is one thing Dodge/Chrysler did, they made the oil filter the same for most cars.    The Fram part number is PH16, DG16, and TG16.   The Purolator part number is L14670.  The Maxlife part number is VF16.  The Mobil One part number is M1-204.  The K&N part number is HP-2004.   The Amsoil part number is EaO42. 

Many people ask where they can buy the Mobil One oil filter.   It's not sold in the local auto parts stores, you have to buy it online.   

Click each picture to make it big.  Then back to return here. 

In the first picture, you can see the Mopar filter.  In the 2nd picture, you can see the filter wrench I bought at Advanced Auto Parts.  93mm with 15 flutes, $5.24.   In the 3rd and 4th picture, you can see the filter in the wrench, it fits.

To change the oil in your Charger, you'll need to put it up on ramps.  The oil filter is located directly in front of the oil pan.  This is why you need the cup type wrench.  You won't be able to get the filter off by hand, and a strap type wrench won't work either.     You can't see filter if you look under the car because it is covered up by a splash guard, which is held on with 4 bolts.   After putting the car up on ramps, remove the 4 bolts with a 10mm socket wrench.  The splash guard will drop down and you can move it to the side.    Now you'll see the filter in front of the oil pan and you can remove it with the above wrench.

Update as of 01/17/06, I've let the dealer change the oil at 2500 miles, and now I'm waiting until 5500 miles to change it again.     I'll have more pictures at that time.

I'm putting Amsoil in my Charger and going with the 1 year oil filter.   Many ask when they should switch to synthetic.   Believe it or not, you should wait, change the oil at 3k miles, and then switch to synthetic at 6k miles.   You will get a free oil change with your Charger.  It will come with your Customer Loyalty mailing a month after you buy the car.    Wait until 3k miles and use it.    Then switch to synthetic at 6k miles.  

The Dodge Charger Amsoil Page is here.  I am now a dealer, and so is my friend who runs the page below. 

More details are here.

3.5L engine   http://www.searchforparts.com/guide/DODGE/2006/CHARGER/3.5L/G.php

5.7L engine   http://www.searchforparts.com/guide/DODGE/2006/CHARGER/5.7L/H.php

The Oil Filter part number is EaO42.   That's the letter O and not the number zero.  Again, the filter is the same for all engine sizes.

At the time of writing this, there is now a debate over which oil to use.   The best Amsoil is 0W-30.  The part number is TSOQT.   Again, that's the letter O and not the number zero.     However, Dodge recommends using 5W20 in the RT because of the MDS system. The part number for this oil is XLMQT.     If you use a heavy weight oil in the RT, it is said the MDS system will not work, and the car will run on 8 cylinders all the time.   This has never been proven.    It's your call on which oil to use.   

For the SE/SXT you need 6 quarts.

For the RT/SRT-8 you need 7 quarts.

Write down the part number EaO42 for the oil filter, and TSOQT or XLMQT for the oil and then visit the Amsoil page or call.   Be sure to give the operator ZO# 1373633 if ordering by phone.  If ordering from the web, please put 1373633 in the ZO# box. 

Here's a really neat device people are talking about, it's a Fumoto drain plug.


The part number that fits the charger is F-106N.  This has been verified by e-mail twice with different users.    I'll post a link to a very informative thread from the ChargerForums.


04/02/06 Update - The day we've all been waiting for.  The Charger had 5609 miles on it.  Time for the Amsoil 0W-30 Oil Change.    I ordered 4 gallons (part number TSO04) and two EAO42 oil filters.   This will let me change the oil in the Charger and the Dakota.   Total with my dealer discount came out to $153.21.  Let's take a look.

Here's the goods before I start.   A few close up pictures of the Fumoto F-106N drain plug.  


Depending on your car ramps, you'll have to put boards in front of them, otherwise, the bumper will scrape.  The Charger is up on the ramps.   It's a good idea to get up under there and take a look around.  As you can see in the 3rd picture, some of the suspension parts have rust on them.   I sprayed them with some oil.  

When you go under the car, you'll see the splash guard that is held on with 4 bolts.   Use a 10mm socket to get them off.  The guard drops to the ground.  In the 5th picture is a close up of the retaining brackets for each bolt.   Make sure not to bump these out of place.

With the splash guard out of the way, you can see the oil pan and filter.  I try to get it off by hand, but it won't budge.  No problem, I've got the correct oil puller and the filter comes right off with no problem.   I dump the oil into my catch pan and set the filter aside.   In the 5th picture, you can see the oil filter bracket.

I put a coat of oil on the gasket and install the filter hand tight. 

On to draining the oil.   The bolt is 13mm.   I break it loose, then turn it by hand.   Out comes the oil and I catch it in a container.  Drip, Drip, Drip.

Time to install the Fumoto, it needs a 15mm wrench.  I didn't have one, so 3/4th worked just fine.    Just like the directions said, I hand tighten the plug, then 1/4 of a turn, it's snug.

Time to add the oil.    Glug, Glug, Glug, the Charger is saying, "Oh Yeah Baby."    The dip stick on the ground after adding the oil, I can barely see the mark.    In the last picture is the left over jugs.   It appears like I used about 7 quarts of oil.   Each jug is a gallon, which is 4 quarts.    There's a little bit more than 1 quart left.  Therefore, you'll need more than what was said up above.   Order an extra quart anyway, because you'll eventually need to top off.         I start the engine and check for leeks.   There are none, so I put the splash guard on, and back the car off the ramps.  

I'm done.   I clean up and write down the mileage in my log book.

Update: 10/21/06 13,000 miles.  Time for another Amsoil change.  I ordered 4 gallons (TSO04) and 2 filters (EaO42).    The oil change was straight forward, just like the pictures up above, except this time draining it was easy because of the Fumoto valve.   I also changed the oil in the Dakota and it was also easy because of the Fumoto.     Not much else to say, no worries for another 6 months.

Update: 04/28/07 21927 miles.  This time I ordered 4 gallons of (ATM04) and 2 filters (EaO42).   This is the less expensive 10W-30 which is good for one year or 15K miles.    I also changed the oil in the Dakota.     Each vehicle used 6 quarts, I had 1 gallon left when done which I'll use for top offs.   I cleaned my K&N air filters in both vehicles.  

Update: 12/09/07 31021 miles. I had new tires put on my SXT, the Contis were at the tread bar at 31k miles, and I didn't even drive it hard. I put Goodyear Assurance Comfotread P225/60R18 99H $121.04 from SamsClub. They're supposed to be 80k tires. I took it to the dealer to be aligned on a Saturday. The dealer was swamped because they were not open the previous weekend due to an inventory. So when I told them I change my own oil/air filter, and didn't need anything else, they said fine, but gave me the paper with the run down.

Basically, they give you a paper with a full menu on it (which shocks most people), and then you can also order A La Carte. The full menu for a 30k service is

Full Service Oil Change
Lubricate Chassis if Necessary
Tune-Up Engine (Non-Platinum Spark Plugs)
3-Part Fuel Injector Service
Perform Transmission Flush Service
Replace Air Filter
Cooling System Flush Service
Replace Wiper Blades
WYNN'S Aircomatic A/C Treatment
Deluxe Car Wash
Perform 23 Point Inspection

On the A La Carte side, the main points the dealer marked were
Engine Fuel System Service $149.94
Automatic Transmission Service $139.95
Tune Up $89.95

The 4 wheel alignment I had done was $89 plus tax ($100).

Here's more from the A La Carte options
---Total Fluid Exchange Service $469.96
---Cooling System Flush Service
---Brake System Flush Service
---Transmission Flush Service
---Power Steering Flush Service
Engine Oil Flush $149.95
Using a special machine, we thoroughly clean all internal engine components.
Engine Fuel System Service $149.95
Complete 3-part fuel injector service
Automatic Transmission Fluid Services
Automatic Transmission Flush $169.95
Automatic Transmission Service $139.95
(Drain and replace Transmission fluid, filter & adjust bands)
45RFE & NAGI Transmissions $199.95
Cooling System Flush Service $129.95
(Flush cooling system, add new coolant, inspect all components and install conditioner)
Tire and Wheel Services
Rotate Tires $19.95
Rotate and Balance Tires $59.95
Internal Tire Patch (each tire) $37.95
4-wheel Alignment $89.95
Rotate and Balance 4 tires with 4 Wheel Alighment $139.95
Nitrogen Tire Fill $39.95
Brake Services
Minor Brake Service $79.95
(Inspect and clean brake system)
Brake Fluid Exchange $99.94
Replace Front or Rear Linings (most models) $239.95
(Includes machining rotors)
Power Steering Service
Flush Power Steering System $99.95
Additional Services
Rear Differential Service $129.95
(If cover needs to be removed) $189.95
Battery Service $39.95
Airco A/C Ordor Elimination Service $109.95
Install Cabin Air Filter $69.96

Update: 12/23/07 31469 miles.   Same order as the last time, 4 gallons of (ATM04) and 2 filters (EaO42).   Changed the oil in the Charger and the Dakota.   I checked my cabin filter in the Charger, it's dirty which means it's working.  I need to buy another.  

Update 10/17/08 41844 miles. Same order as the last time, 4 gallons of (ATM04) and 2 filters (EaO42).  
Update 12/06/08 43331 miles.  Battery, changed by me at Arrigo.
Update 03/23/09 45991 miles.  Airbag sensor fixed, transmission flushed, coolant flushed, tires rotated.
Update 10/04/09 51429 miles.  Same order as the last time, 4 gallons of (ATM04) and 2 filters (EaO42).
Update 01/25/10 54648 miles.  Fix left front tire, rotated at Sams.
Update 03/10/10 55790 miles.  Rocker Assembly, plugs, throttle body assembly cleaned, Amsoil.
Update 04/17/11 69451 miles.  Amsoil.
Update 07/12/11 72067 miles.  Tires Rotated Sams.
Update 04/07/12 83042 miles.  Amsoil.
Update 06/18/12 84965 miles.  Air Filter, Cabin Filter. 

Update 07/15/12 85875 miles.   Rotors and brake pads replaced.    R1 Premium rotors and Pose-Quiet Ceramic brake pads.

Update 07/21/12 86040 miles.  The tires were worn around the edges, it was time to replace them.    I put on 4 Goodyear Assurance Comforttreds just like before.    Bought them from ValueTire in Hollywood FL.     Ask for Vinnie, he's the owner.   He'll give you a complete price over the phone per tire.    If he's not in, ask for Chrissy or G.     The best way to get a quote is to call them on the phone @ 954-987-1405.

Update 07/21/12 86058 miles.   Radiator flush, upper hose replaced, brake lines flushed and filled with Dot4 racing fluid, nitro fill in new tires.  
Update 08/13/12 86822 miles.   Alighment at Arrigo for $89.95.   
Update 11/21/12 91096 miles.  Timing Belt, Water Pump, Back Hose.

Update 03/26/13 94651 miles.   Rotate Tires.   Lug nuts were stripped and bad.  Ordered 20 new lug nuts from www.speedlogixstore.com part number GOR-61148CH-20.    Lug Nuts have an aluminum sleeve over them.    The sleeve expands and strips, no longer turns the nut.   The only way to get it off, is to 1.   Hammer a smaller sleeve over the nut and then it will grip.   2.  Take a screw driver, tap each side of the bolt using a hammer (making an indent), then strip away the cap taking the entire cover off.   

Update 05/12/13 96174 miles.  Amsoil
Update 07/11/13 97415 miles.  Alternator, Tensioner, Battery
Update 04/19/14 104215 miles. Amsoil, tires rotated.
Update 10/10/14 108606 miles. EGR, Throttle Body Air Cleaner.
Update 12/09/14 109800 miles.  Starter, 2lbs freon.
Update 04/16/15 113206 miles. Amsoil, tires rotated.   Transmission service (Arrigo), Front Bushings (Freddy)
Update 07/11/15 114753 miles.  New Throttle Body, Seals (Freddy)
Update 10/22/15 116553 miles.   Complete AC (Freddy)
Update 03/26/16 120481 miles. Amsoil, tires rotated.
Update 10/27/16 124965 miles. Michelin Premier A/S Tires Installed (Costco)

End of Report.   Thanks for reading.  

Email me at nogodforme@bellsouth.net.


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