FourPlay at the CareFree Theater


Fourplay is my favorite Jazz band.    I was lucky enough to see them.

Pictures and video were taken with a Sony V1.   Click on each picture to make it bigger, then back to return here. 

The Carefree Theater in West Palm Beach Florida.   An older building, a throw back to the old days. 

A side view of the Yamaha midi grand with the synth on top.  The band jamming.  Bob James at the keyboard.  

This picture was funny.  The band literally froze in this position for 10 seconds before playing the final note. 

The keyboard and bass rig.  Sorry, I didn't get pictures of Larry's guitar setup or the drums.  The mixing board. 


The band signing autographs after the show.   

The signed set list.

End of Report.   Thanks for reading.  

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