Hartford CT - September 2nd - 4th 2012
Lake Compounce
Six Flags New England

Tangiers - Tapas

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Day 1 - Sunday September 2nd.     Laurie and Robert flew to Hartford CT on Southwest going through Orlando.   Note to self, do not go through Orlando again if possible.    Any plane leaving there is filled with Disney kids.   On the plane, they talk the entire time with the parents egging them on.    

Comfort Inn - 141 Prospect Hill Road, East Windsor, CT, US, 06088

Fridge, clean room, view of Cracker Barrel out the window.   This hotel had free breakfast, pancake maker, toast, bagels, yogurt, cereal, juices.     Great location, a couple miles from the airpot and the rental car facilities.  


Our first food stop of the day, Tangiers located in West Hartford.  
This is a store, with a bar that serves food.   We read the reviews on Trip Advisor and decided to stop here first.   In pictures 1-4 are the store and menu.   In picture 5 is a Tabouli Salad.   In picture 6 is Eggplant Vegetarian Style.   In picture 7 is a Falafel Pita with a side of tahini and hot sauce.    Everything tasted great.   We talked to the owners, the place has been there for years, run by family, passed down from generation to generation.   

Here we are at Lake Compounce.    This was one of the main reasons of the trip, to ride Boulder Dash.   This coaster is built into a mountain of boulders, hence the name.    Very fast (60 mph), with many air time hills.    The run through the mountain is fun, out of control, and exciting.     May not break any records, but it's a terrain coaster, meaning it travels through a mountain.   This coaster was once #1 in the world for wooden.   At the time of this writing, it is #4.  


Here we are at Whole Foods West Hartford to eat a salad bar.    We came here twice.   Great Salad Bar.  

Day 2 - Arrived Six Flags New England early in the morning at 9am.     We parked across the street for $10.  There's even places that charge $5.       If you park in the Six Flags lot, it's $20, what a rip off.


This is the entire reason we came to SFNE, to ride Bizzaro, once the #1 coaster in the world.   It goes 77 mph, 208 feet up, 221 feet drop.    Is it better than Millennium Force at Cedar Point, no.    Still a great ride, fast, lots of air time.   Rode it in the front and back.     At the time of this writing, Bizarro is #2 in the world.   

Mind Eraser - A headbanger, but fun.  

Batman The Dark Knight, a B&M Floorless coaster.   

Goliath had a long wait, so we decided to leave and go eat.  


Tapas - Located in West Hartford.   In picture 3 is a Falafel Pita.   In picture 4 is a Mediterranean salad.    The Pita was good but Tangiers won between the two restaurants. 

So there we have it, 2 attractions in 2 days with some great food places along the way.  

Observations:  The overall experience was good, but not close to the resort areas of Williamsburg VA (Busch Gardens Europe) or Sandusky Ohio  (Cedar Point).    SFNE was a 4 hour park and that's it.   Whereas the areas I just mentioned are 2 day visits.   That's the difference when comparing a Six Flags park, with a resort area.    The Six Flags parks are fun, but only for a morning visit.   Where the other parks, I'll visit in the morning, evening, and next day.   The visit to the Hartford area was kinda what I was expecting, a trip to ride 2 coasters, that were once #1 in the world in their class.    And a few good food places along the way.      

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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