Hartford CT - July 27th - July 29th, 2015
Six Flags New England
Tunxis Grill and Pizza
Six Flags New Jersey

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Preface - Visited 2 parks in two days checking off 1 coaster on my bucket list, which is found here.
Top USA Steel Coaster List

Day 1 - Monday July 27th 2015.   Here I am blasting off from FLL on Delta to ATL.   

I had a 2 hour lay over in ATL and found Fresh Healthy Cafe, located at gate C45.    I had the Kale Vegetarian Wrap for $9.25.     It's probably the healthiest choice in the airport.   There's also Atlanta Bread Company at gate C30, which is similar to Panera Bread, but that place will have a longer line since it's near the esclators to the trains.      

After I arrived in Hartford, I picked up the rental car and headed to SFNE.    There's the bridge with city name of Agawam on it, this is just north of the CT state line.    There's the M&M steps leading to the main entrance.   In pictures 4 and 5 is Wicked Cyclone, the entire reason I came here, to check this coaster off my bucket list.     

More pictures of Wicked Cyclone, 109 feet tall, 3320 feet length, 55 mph.    This is another Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) creation designed by Alan Schilke.     While this is not the tallest or fastest RMC coaster, it delivers a huge punch in a short space.     This coaster delivers air time on the 1st drop, has 2 zero-g-rolls, crazy turns that rock side to side,  many air time hills, and a zero-g-stall to end the ride.   

After visiting SFNE, I headed out to Tunxis Grill and Pizzeria located in Windsor CT.   Here I ordered a large veggie pizza.    I ate a few slices, saved the rest in zip lock bags, and ate more the rest of the trip.   Nothing like cold left over pizza to snack on.  

Stayed at the La Quinta Bradley airport.   They have a shuttle that runs every half hour, sign up at the front desk.     This is a standard La Quinta, nothing fancy.    They did have the free breakfast each morning.


Day 2 - Tuesday July 28th 2015.    I drove 4 hours to Six Flags New Jersey.     There were two rides I wanted to go on.   Neither are on my bucket list, but both are record holders.      Zumanjaro Drop of Doom, 415 feet tall, 90 mph, 6 seconds of free fall, tallest drop ride in the world.    What was the ride like?   The view from the top was nice.    The drop seemed like it was never going to end.      In pictures 4 and 5 is El Toro, 181 feet tall, 70 mph, 4400 feet length.    I wanted to ride this in 2013, but the lift motor was burned out.   Now I had my chance and got it.        This is a wooden coaster, ranked at the top of wooden coaster polls.     What was the ride like?    Fast, intense, and lots of air time.   

Day 3 - Wednesday July 29th 2015.    Flew home non stop on Southwest.   Plane left on time, landed 30 minutes early.     Thanks Southwest.  

Observations: Great trip checking off 1 coaster from my bucket list, 1 world record drop ride, and one of the top wooden coasters on the planet.      

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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