Healthy Foods in Pictures

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Items found at Costco

1st picture - Organic Spinach.   2nd picture - Mushrooms.    3rd picture - Bread.   4th picture - Granola cereal.   5th picture - Pumpkin Flax Granola.   6th picture - Dates.

1st picture - Avacados.   2nd picture - Watermellon.    3rd picture - Lemons.     4th picture - Oranges.   5th picture - Almond butter.   6th picture - Hommus.

1st picture - Blueberries.   2nd picture - Mixed Berries.   3rd picture - Kalamata Olives.   4th picture - Broccoli.    5th picture - Crackers.    6th picture - Kind bars.  

1st picture - Nutzo, 2nd picture - Pasta Sauce, 3rd picture - Rotini, 4th picture - Assie Bites

Items found at Whole Foods


1st picture - Kale.   2nd picture - Celery.   3rd picture - Cucumber.   4th picture - Apples.   5th picture - Ginger root.   6th picture - Lemons.   These are used for Mean Green Juice.   

1st picture - Bok Choy.   2nd picture - Bananas.   3rd picture - Green Peppers (also buy Red).   4th picture.  Almondmilk.   5th picture - Nuttzo.   6th picture - Vegenaise. 

1st picture - Liquit Aminos.   2nd picture - Artichoke Hearts.  3rd picture - Dijon Mustard.  4th picture - Tahini.  5th picture - Ketchup.   6th picture -  Sauerkraut. 

Items found at Publix.


1st picture - Pita Shells.

What do we make with all this stuff?   

Spinach + Pita + Onion + Pepper + Hommus = Pita Sandwich
Spinach + Kale + Onion + Pepper + Mushrooms + Cucumber + Carrots + Kalamata Olives + Avacado Slices = Large Salad
Mushrooms + Hommus + Hot Sauce = Snack
Toasted Bread + Almond Butter + Bananna + Honey = Breakfast
Granola + Almond Milk = Breakfast
Bread + Sauce (Vegenaise + Ketchup + Onion Powder + Garlic Powder + Salt) + Sliced Onions + Sliced Avacado + SauerKraut = Veggie Rubean
Bok Choy + Other Veggies = Stif Fry
Fruit + Bananna + Dates + Almond Milk = Smoothie

Rgarding the food places, here is how to eat healthy on trips.   Frist see if there is a Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or similar.  If so, then eat the salad, even if it costs $10-$15.     After that, use the Trip Advisor app and find the best Mediterranean or Mexican restaurant.  Mediterranean restaurants will serve Falafel pitas.   Mexican restaurants will serve vegetable fijitas or tacos.    

Movies to Watch
"Fat Sick and Nearly Dead"
"Hungry For Change"
"Forks Over Knives"
"Eating Like a Nutritarian"

You can search YouTube and watch the trailers, such as this one for "Hungry For Change" and

"Fat Sick and Nearly Dead"

How to make Mean Green Juice with a blender (Vitamix) is here.   I make this every week.

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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