Holiday World

Wednesday May 17th 2006

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Traveled to St. Louis for a visit to Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana.

Here's two pictures of the new baseball stadium as the plane flew into St. Louis.

A couple pictures of what you will see as you drive into HW.   The empty parking lot, and the ticket booths.

A picture of me, and my dad.  Don't forget to bring your Pepsi cans to get a discount on the tickets.  Dad took a spin on the Raven.   Pretty good for the old man.   I hope to be riding coasters when I'm his age.  

Santa.   Free Pepsi, Wooooo Hooooo.  

After riding the Raven and Legend, you'll continue walking and this is the view you'll have of The Voyage.    Continue walking towards the July 4th area, and you'll find the path way that leads around the water park.

After crossing a bridge, you'll walk under the brake block, and arrive at the station.

A few pictures from inside the station.    People getting into the coaster, a ride op waving goodbye, and the train going up the lift.

Gobbler Getaway is a dark ride with laser guns that shoot targets.  The ride was running later this day in preview mode.  The best thing about Gobbler Getaway is it's a full length ride.    A few times, the car would pass thru double doors, and I thought the ride was over, but it kept going.   

Here's a picture of a train going up the lift, and a train going thru the last turn before the brakes.   

So what's it like to ride the Voyage?   The best seat is in the back, to get the whip on the first drop.   You'll feel like you're riding Millennium Force at Cedar Point in the back seat as you rise up.   There are two more big hills, and then you pass thru a tunnel.   From there the train goes into the series of turns in order to head back to the station.   There is a brake block to slow the train down before it goes into what is called a triple down.   The train goes into a tunnel, down three hills in a row (hence the name triple down), and accelerates very quickly back up to full speed.   From here, things get out of control as the train passes back and forth under the track a few times.  This part of the ride reminds me of Ghostrider at Knotts Berry Farm.    The train passes by the station, goes thru a series of turns, and into the brakes.    Everyone on the train was clapping and saying how awesome the ride was.   When fans do this, you know it's a hit.     The Voyage is a full length coaster (1.2 miles long) that never lets up until the end.    You feel like you got your monies worth after waiting in line.  


A picture of me standing in front of the station, and a shot of The Raven.

Holiday World definitely has a winner on their hands with The Voyage.  

End of Report.   Thanks for reading.  

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