Kings Island - Cedar Point

Thurmans - The Ohio Deli

05/22/09 - 05/25/09

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First stop on my visit to Ohio was Thurman Cafe, web site is here.

Thurman's was featured on the Travel Channel show "Man V. Food"    LGBR from the Tribalwar message board met me.   We took some pictures in the lobby.   It's not a very big place.   We arrived at 3pm on a Friday afternoon and there was a crowd waiting.  That tells you what can happen when your restaurant is on Man V. Food.   

After waiting about half an hour, we finally got a booth against the window.  

Great Lakes beer is made in Cleveland.    We each ordered a Thurman burger, it was incredible.    Me and LGBR shaking hands, and a final picture of LGBR in front of his Mustang before he fired it up and went home.   

Here I am at Kings Island on Friday night.  There was a line to process my season pass.  If you're going, get there very early to beat the crowd.   A few pictures of Drop Tower, it's one of my favorite rides.  

Here's what everyone came for, Diamondback, a new hyper coaster by "B&M."   

This coaster goes 80 mph with many "floater" hills that deliver 30 seconds of air time.   At the end of the ride is a splash down.  What's it like to ride Diamondback?   Lot's of air time.    

Here are aerial shots of Diamond back zooming in on the crowd.   If you're going, get there early.   Platinum pass holders are allowed to ride Diamond Back and The Beast 1 hour before the park opens. 


A shot of the fountain, tower, and a sky diver who brings in the American flag before the park opens.    More aerial shots of the park.

On Saturday afternoon I drove to The Ohio Deli.   This place was also featured on the Travel Channel show Man V. Food where Adam ate the sandwich in under half an hour.   The sandwich is huge, and I ordered it without ham.   It would have been even bigger with the ham.    Here's the web page from the tv show.

On Sunday I visited Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio.   Krakt met up with me and we went to ride Maverick.  This is the most popular ride in the park right now, the wait was 1.5 hours. 

Here's a few shots of the Maverick queue, me shaking hands with Krakt. 

Here are shots of Maverick.   This is a "sidewinder" coaster made by Intamin.  The coaster is launched up the first hill, where it drops straight down.  The draw of this coaster is that it flies through the track at high speed going through many turns and air time hills.  

Here's a shot of Sky Hawk, a giant swing ride.

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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