Park City Ski Trip

Moochies - Ruth's Diner

Sunday December 6th - Monday December 7th 2009

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Traveled to Salt Lake City Utah on Delta.   Arriving at SLC, Robert headed out in the rental car to Moochie's.   This place has been featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. 

Pictures of Moochie's.    It's not that big of a place, only a few tables inside, but the subs are amazing.  

Philly Cheese and a Meatball sub, the signature items.   In the 3rd picture is white Jalapeno sauce that is on every table.   I could drink this stuff.   So what did the Philly Cheese steak taste like?   It's right up there at the top, amazing.   Melt in your mouth goodness of steak, onions, peppers, cheese, and the white sauce on top.      I was shaking my head in dis-belief wonder how something could taste so good, the workers were smiling at me as I took pictures.  

Here I am at Park City.   In the first picture is the ticket window.   Look up above and you can see the camera that points at the Payday lift.  I viewed the pictures from this camera for a month before I showed up, watching the mountain go from barren to snow covered.     In the next 4 pictures is the Payday and Crescent lifts.   This is the bottom of the main trail called Home Run, 3.5 miles long if you start at the top.   It was COLD, 10 degrees, even colder at night.   I rented my ski equipment from this shop.

This is where I stayed, the Park City Marriott, a clean hotel with everything you could want.  Fireplace in the lobby, heated pool, hot tub, underground parking garage, laundry on the 3rd floor, Mexican restaurant next door.  I ate here, and the food was good.  

Here's what my room looked like.   Marriott is famous for the comfortable beds that have lots of pillows on them.   The room was clean and my view out the widow could see the mountain.  

This is one picture of Deer Valley Resort.   This is for skiers only.   The cliff you see in the picture is all black diamond runs.   Believe me, when you're standing there, it looks like a wall.     I didn't ski here, just took a few pictures.   Deer Valley is located about 2 miles from Park City Resort.  

Here I am back at Park City Resort, in the first two pictures is the First time run.   This is where people warm up, the trail leads to the Payday lift in picture 3.  Picture 4 is the start of the Payday run, this is a blue square trail.   In the 5th picture is the green trail access to the Bonanza lift and Homerun trail. 


In the first two pictures are shots of the mountain at the top of the Payday lift.  Those are black diamond runs that were not open yet.   There were snow making machines everywhere.    In the 3rd picture is the top of the Bonanza lift, which is 9250 feet high, it was snowing.   This is the start of a green trail called Homerun, which is 3.5 miles long.     This trail winds down the mountain, parts of it lead off to blue square runs if you want.    I really enjoyed skiing down Homerun.  It's a great trail because you can ski for a long time, and stop at various "slow" signs to take a break.    At the bottom my legs were tired but then I'd get on the two lifts (Payday, Bonanza) and that would be a 20 minute rest going back up to the top.    There wasn't much snow on the ground at this time, and there were limited lifts open, but the crowds were very light on Monday, I practically had the entire mountain to myself at times.   I'd glance behind and no one was there.      This is great if you're a beginner and not worried about feet of fresh powder.  

Here I am driving to Ruth's Diner, it's located about 10 miles east of Utah up in the mountains in the middle of no where.  That doesn't stop people from coming, this place has been around since 1930 because of their great food.

Pictures of the inside, there's a phone booth and juke box as you walk in, along with many awards on the walls. 

This is their signature dish as featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.   Mac and Cheese with Chicken.  The recipe is on the DDD web site.

What did the Mac and Cheese taste like?    Creamy, cheesy, melt in your mouth comfort food.    The chicken was cooked perfectly with the grill marks.   No wonder why people keep coming back.   The other signature item is biscuits and gravy which are served for breakfast and lunch. 

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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