Park City Ski Trip

Crown Burger - Moochies - Red Iguana

Monday January 17th - Wednesday January 19 2011

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This is where I rented my ski equipment, 10 minutes from the airport near downtown SLC.    Friendly staff, discounted lift tickets, go there.

Next up, Crown Burger, as featured on Man V. Food.

This is the original location.   It was featured on the TV show Man V. Food.   In picture 6, you can see the special sauce they have sitting in an ice bucket.   

Here we are, Crown burger, onion rings, and special sauce.   What did it taste like?   Hit the spot after 5 hours on a bird flying across the country.    I pigged out, my hands and face were a mess, and I didn't care.   Boy was it good.   A Crown burger is a regular hamburger with pastrami on top, plus the special sauce.


Best Western Landmark hotel.   5 minutes from The Canyons, 10 minutes to Park City.  Clean room, fridge, microwave, close to the resorts.

OMG, OMG, OMG, I'm back in Park City.   In Picture 3 I'm looking at the camera that I've watched for hours before coming here.    What camera am I talking about? Click the next link.
Yet here I am, it's like being at Cedar Point.   Like a kid in the candy store.    What next?   Put on the skis and go for it. 
Lucky for me, I skied for free using the quick start program, and the runs were lighted since I arrived later in the day.  What's this quick start program?    Fill out a voucher online before flying, bring it with you along with your boarding pass, and an out of state license, and you ski for free that day at any Park City resort.    It worked.    Google "Quick Start Voucher" for more info or try this link.

Here I am on the first time run at Park City.   It was late and the trails were under the lights.  In case you didn't know it, this is where the Olympic ski team trains.   As I went up the first time lift, I could look over to my right at the terrain park where the ski team was practicing.   You could feel the excitement knowing this is where the best skiers train.  They were going over jumps and doing tricks that were amazing.   Me?   I went down first time, then Payday once.   It was a white out condition because the snow was falling and the wind whipped up.   But I had a great time and it was a nice warm up for the next day.   

So there we are, in one day I flew all the way across the country, rented ski equipment, ate at Crown Burger, checked into my hotel, and skied at Park City under the lights.  

Tuesday January 18th, Alta.    Windy roads up a mountain to get there.  Lucky for me, I rented a Ford Expedition as seen in picture 1.   Here's what you do at the rental car.    Rent a regular size car, then upgrade for $15 more a day.   Well worth it.    In picture 2 and 3 are the main Alta buildings.   Alta is known as a skiers only resort with beginner to intermediate trails.    In Pictures 4 and 5, you can see the mountains and the beginner trail that links the Sunnyside and Collins lift.  

Here I am at the top of the Sunnyside lift.   This is green runs good for a warm up.   Trail names are Crooked Mile, Patsey Marley, Dipsey Doodle, Sunnyside, Home Run, and access to the Sugarloaf lift.  

Here I am at the top of Sugarloaf Lift.    Up here are blue square trails.   The start of this run is actually a black diamond trail depending on which path you choose.    Veer to the left and the path is easy.   Go straight down the mountain and you're skiing a black diamond called Sugarbowl     I went down the side a couple times, then down Sugarbowl after building up confidence.   The trails change names leading to more options.   It's fun to pick a path, then come back and try another.  

Guess what this trail is named?    Rollercoaster.   I'm not kidding.   Can you get a credit for skiing it?   Maybe.   The trail was fun, 3 major drops to start, with turns near the bottom.   I was wondering if they could build a mountain coaster and thinking about all the coaster geeks while skiing this trail.  In the 4th picture is me, yes, I was really there.   In the 5th picture is the top of the Collins lift looking at the mountain.  Breath taking views, everyone was taking pictures.   More blue square trails here, lots of fun.  

OMG, OMG, OMG, It's Moochies.    Can you say Philly Cheese Steak?   After a wonderful day at Alta, I header over to Moochies for a grub attack.   And they delivered.    Philly Cheese Steak and Onion Rings.     They give a tarter sauce with the onion rings, it's got a tang but not spicy.       As you can see in the pictures, I've got a bottle of their jumpin' Jalapeno sauce on my tray to make up for this.    Don't bug me now, stay out of my way, I'm drinking hot sauce.    Oh boy was it good.   The sauce gives a kick like you wouldn't believe.   It's heaven.   I drizzled it on every bite, drinking it down.     You fat coaster geeks would be in heaven.     This is THE pig out spot of SLC.

After a wonderful day at Alta and eating a Moochies, I took a nap in the hotel room, and then it was time for Apres ski.    In pictures 1 and 2 you can see the main street of Park City.   There was a film festival going on.    In pictures 3-7 are the #1 hang out spot in SLC for Apres ski, O'SHUCKS.    I took up a chair at the bar and drank a beer.   Only $3 with many on tap.   And they have burgers for $3.   No wonder why so many people flock here.   It's THE hang out spot of park city for Apres ski.

Here I am at The Canyons.   The first lift takes everyone up to the ticket center and main village.   From there everyone takes another gondola to the main ski area.   

Pictures of a green warm up trail called The Meadows.   

Here we are at the main run of The Canyons.    Saddleback Express to the top.   The main run is called Kokopelli (In Russian) and leads to the right.   From there the trail turns into Echo and leads down the side of the mountain.   Echo eventually turns into an easy green trail called Flume which leads to Will Draw.   This trail takes everyone back to the main base where you have the option of taking the orange bubble lift back to the top or the gondola.  

Here I am going down a trail called Red Pine Road?  How did I get here.   I took a trail called Chicane to the bottom, then took the TombStone Express lift to the top.   This trail was fun because of all the trees along the path.   I can see the goal here, to give skiers the feeling of skiing through the trees while still being on a trail.  

Here I am at Red Iguana on a Wednesday night at 7pm, and the line is out the door.   As I drove up to this place, there were signs for other Mexican joints saying turn here.  No way.    I pulled into the parking lot, took pictures, put my name on the waiting list, and got in line.   They have heaters and bring out hot coco to warm people up.    Wait was about 30 minutes, and everyone in line raved about this place.    

Pictures inside Red Iguana from a table near the front.   They bring out chips and salsa that has a kick.  Nice flavor.  

OMG, OMG, OMG, Chicken Enchiladas Verde.    In case you don't know it yet, this is my signature dish to judge all restaurants.   And I've had a few along the way.  How did this one compare?   Right up there with the others.   This restaurant is judged #2 in all of Salt Lake City by Trip Advisor, and there you go.   The big draw is their 7 Mole sauces.     The chicken enchilada dish pictured has Mole Verde on it.     Great food, reasonable prices.
Red Iguana YouTube Link
Red Iguana Article

Took the red eye home at midnight on Delta, no problems.  Thank you Delta, flights arrived early and the crew was the best.   

So there ya go, 3 places featured on the TV shows, one is the best Apres Ski place in Park City.    A great trip. 

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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