Park City Ski Trip

Cafe Supernatural - Rawtopia - Red Iguana

Thursday February 9th - Monday February 13th 2012

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This is where I rented my ski equipment, 10 minutes from the airport near downtown SLC.    Friendly staff, discounted lift tickets, go there.

02/09/12 - Upon arriving, we made our way to the Trolley Square Whole Foods.   This is a giant mall with restaurants and shops.    We came here a few times on the trip to stock up and eat at Cafe Supernatural.  

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Salt Lake City.   This hotel has received rave reviews and they delivered.    We upgraded to a 2 room whirlpool suite for $127 a night.   It was worth the extra money.       Address of the hotel is 250 West 600 South.    Hotel link is next.

Pictures of room 150 on the 1st floor.    In the last picture is the whirlpool, great after a long day on the slopes.   Having the extra room came in handy.  One person could sleep while the other watched TV.    Every morning, I woke up at 5am and surfed the net at the desk, while Laurie continued to sleep in the bedroom undisturbed.   If you can afford the upgrade to a suite room, it's worth it.     Want to see a video tour of this room?   Click the next link then back to return here.

Pictured is a spicy omelet.    This hotel features a restaurant area with a chef that makes eggs, pancakes, and French toast for a nominal fee.   Our package included breakfast each morning.   The buffet included fruit, juice, toast, and desert pastries.    Servers welcome guests to the area and take away dirty plates.     We ate here each morning and the food was excellent.    

Cafe Supernatural is located in Trolley Square behind Whole Foods.    We came here for dinner on our first night.   

In Picture 4 is Michu Picchu.   Steamed quinoa with steamed vegetables and a cream sauce.    In picture 5 is Mesa Azul, two blue corn squash tamales with pumpkin seed-tomato mole.    In picture 6 is a Groundation Elixir.  In picture 7 is nut desert confections.    In pictures 8 and 9 is the menu.

02/10/12 (Friday) - I headed out to Deer Valley.  

Pictures at the base of Deer Valley

Pictures on the slopes.    6 mountains, many trails, skiers only.    What a day.   In the 5th picture is a shot of base camp and the parking lot from high above.    

Here we are Rawtopia.    Great food and desert.  Everything is raw and made with love.

02/11/12 (Saturday) - Here we are at Park City.   I hit the slopes while Laurie stayed behind reading her books in the cafe.

Pictures of the slopes at Park City.  Bonanza lift leads to Home Run.  I stayed to the right, took the Pioneer Lift to Jupiter Access, and headed down Thaynes.    In the last picture is where everyone ends up, at the Silverload lift.  

OMG OMG OMG - It's the Red Iguana.   Others try to imitate, but don't even come close.    This place has been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, at the top of Trip Advisor, and is packed no matter when you go.    It was a Saturday at 4pm and the place was full, we had to wait 10 minutes outside reading the menu.   In picture 2 is the chips and salsa they give you.   In picture 3 is mole Pipian.   Mole are sauces, they have 7.   Not sure which one to get?   Ask the server and they'll bring out a sample plate with a little of each one to try.    The mole dish comes with rice, beans, and tortillas.   In picture 5 is two cheese enchiladas with avocado on top.   In picture 6 is desert, rice pudding topped with cinnamon.   Check the web site link for the menu.
Red Iguana YouTube Link
Red Iguana Article

02/12/12 (Sunday) - Here I am at Alta.   The 951 bus takes skiers from downtown SLC to Snowbird and Alta.   

Powder anyone?   On this day it snowed 7 inches.   In pictures 1 and 2 are shots at the base.   In picture 3 is the Sugar Bowl black diamond trail.   In picture 4 is the top of the supreme lift and a blue square trail called The Upper Big Dipper.     What was it like skiing in the powder?  Tough.   My legs were shot on this 3rd day in a row.    Many bumps on the trails, could barely see anything.     The good news is that wiping out didn't hurt, since the snow was like pillows.   I wiped out a few times but didn't hurt anything.  

So which ski resort did I like the best?    I'd have to say Deer Valley, even if most people call it a snob resort since they don't allow snowboarders.   The lifts have foot rests, the lift lines are short, and the trails are not crowded.     Costs more to ski here, but it's worth it.    In 2nd place I'd have to say Park City.    The trails on the Jupiter access side of the mountain are fun.   

3 visits to Park City in 3 years, what does that tell you?   They're doing something right.   Staying in Salt Lake and driving out to Park City will save on hotel costs.  It's only about 30 miles and it's a quick 40 minute drive.     I would definitely stay at the Hilton Garden Inn again.  

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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