Reno Ski Trip

LakeSide Inn and Casino

Tuesday February 26th - March 1st 2008

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Met up with friends from the Tribalwar (TW) message board.  About 13 people showed up on the trip depending on when they arrived.   Flying from Fort Lauderdale to Reno on American Airlines in the first picture.  I brought along my Garmin Nuvi 350 and it worked in the air.  The plane was going 470mph.   In the 3rd picture you can see the plane is in the middle of Nevada.    On the flight going home, the plane was going 586mph, we were really moving.   In the 4th picture is the lake as the plane was getting ready to land.   Once the plane landed, I took a bus from the airport to the resort.

The first picture is the main village building.  The 2nd picture is the gondola.   All skiers take the gondola to the top of the mountain where they catch more lifts.  The views from the gondola are amazing.     I went to the village and rented my ski equipment from The PowderHouse which you see in the 3rd picture.   The boots fit perfectly and the staff was very helpful.   A few pictures of the hotel room #157.   Technodonut roomed with me. 


Pictures up above are from Wednesday the 27th.     I went skiing alone, first going on the green practice hill, then the blue trails.     There were some beautiful views at the top of the lift.  The pictures above are looking down the California Trail which leads back to the gondola.  

Thursday the 28th.   Everyone from TW had arrived and we were all on the mountain.   Pictures up above are from a trail called Ridge Run, which starts at the top of the mountain and goes down the side of it.   This was a long blue square run with a wide path.   There was a scenic view point spot to take pictures.  The view looking out at the lake was incredible.   After making it to the bottom of Ridge Run, I took the lift back up the mountain, took the sky trail across to the other side, and along the way is the 4th picture, a big rock structure with the lake in the background.  

After returning to the resort, everyone went into the hot tub (except me).    It was 50 degrees out, not freezing, but cold none the less.

More pictures of the braave in the pool.   No, I didn't bring my swim trunks, so I sat next to the edge in street cloths.  A few people laid in the snow making angels.   The beer had clearly kicked in by this point. 

That same night we went to the Timberland restaurant for dinner. We had so many people we were split up into two tables. 

Pictures of the food and the group at the other table.    After dinner we went gambling.    Bodyshot won $250 on a slot machine.  I played the same machine a few minutes later and won $30.   The craps table was cold so everyone stopped gambling.    

Everyone met back in room 221 to party.

Pictures of everyone having a good time.

More pictures of the party and a couple shots of a well stocked bar.   

These pictures were taken on Friday, this was my 3rd day of skiing.   Here we are at the top of the mountain getting ready to travel across the top of it before going down the Big Dipper trail.

The rest of these pictures were taking by Vitan (Adam).

In the 1st picture is a group shot.  In the 2nd picture is Old_Skul and me.  In the 3rd picture is Vitan and me.  In the 4th picture is Carston, Old_Skul, and me going up the lift.  In the 5th picture is Vitan on the same chair.  

Three pictures of Vitan, and one of Carston.  

Here we are at the East Peak lodge ready to eat lunch.   In the 2nd picture we're sitting at a table.  In the 3rd picture Carston is crashing out.  In the 4th picture it's me completely covered up taking a rest.  I was whipped at this point, my legs were exhausted and I was very tired.   I covered up my face to keep the sun off and was ready for a nap.   After this rest, I came down the Big Dipper one time, went back up, made my way to the gondola, and that was it, I was done.  

Great trip, no one broke a leg, and everyone had a great time.  

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1st video is of Carston






Vitan followed by Old_Skul



Link to other photo albums.   I don't know how long these will stay up, but I'll link to them.

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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