2007 Scion TC

Amsoil Change


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The Scion TC had 25k miles on it.   This was the 5th oil change but now it would be done with Amsoil 5w-30.

A Fumuto 103N oil drain valve.  The "N" means it has a nipple.   The next time I change the oil, all I have to do is attach a hose to the nipple, put it in an empty plastic gallon milk jug, turn the valve, and the oil with drain with no fuss.  


The Scion requires 4 quarts, so I bought 1 gallon of 5W-30 which is part number ASL1G.    The oil filter part number is EAo09.    I've also ordered 1 quart for top offs which is part number ASLQT.      

Put your Scion up on car jacks.

The oil filter and pan is located near the front of the engine, which is on the right side of the car.   You'll need a oil filter wrench to get it off.  The oil filter is on gorilla tight, you won't get it off by hand.  

The oil plug is 14mm.   In the next 2 pictures, you can see the Fumoto oil drain bolt.   I spin it on by hand and then tighten it with a wrench.   The specified torque is 30 foot pounds. 

And here we are installing the oil.   I dump the entire gallon jug into the engine, get the car off the jack stands, run the engine and check for leeks.   The oil was just under the full line on the dip stick.  That's why I bought the extra quart for top offs. 

And for those wondering, this car is driven by an 18 year old college student in Florida.  That's why it has regular tires and the oil is 5W-30 instead of 05W-20.  To order this oil, go on the Amsoil site and enter ZO # 1373633.

Update: 11/24/09 - Changed the oil to 05W-20, mileage was 33,593.   Toyota recommends changing the oil every 6 months, even if you use synthetic.   


End of Report.   Thanks for reading.  

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