2007 Scion TC

Trunk Struts



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The Scion TC had 33k miles on it.  The trunk shocks were worn out.   The dealer wanted $300 for the pair.   Can you believe that?   I can't. 

Let's buy some discounted shocks from Advanced Auto Parts.

Support the trunk with a piece of wood or something that will hold it up.    Take a small flat screw driver and pry the clip off.     Don't worry if you lose the clip, you won't need it any more.   Do this for both sides and remove the strut.  On the Scion TC, you do not have to remove the ball screw, or the lower bracket.    The strut will come off after you remove the clip from each side, and pull it off.  

Here's the new trunk shocks I bought from Advanced Auto Parts for $67.   Sure beats $300.    As you can see, they attach with the same type of clip.   


To attach the new trunk strut, place a small screwdriver in the slot, attach the strut, and remove the screw driver.   The clip will snap into place.  I snapped the new strut in with one hand while holding the trunk lid up with the other.   You may have to move the trunk lid up so the ball will align with the strut hole.   Now that you know what to do, you only need a tiny screw driver for the job.    Easy once you know how to do it.    And only $67.  

End of Report.   Thanks for reading.  

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