Trespass Warning Universal Orlando

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Trespass Warning Universal Orlando.

Boycott Orlando.

This web site will detail an abusive security staff at Universal Orlando, which is private property.   The Orlando Police Department is there to back them up, assisting with writing up trespass warnings and having many arrested for doing little wrong.   Many examples are below.    So what's the purpose of this web site?   To convince you to stay away from Orlando.     MOVE if you live there.       If you can safely shoot video or take pictures of security, then do it even they tell you to stop.   

If you got a tresspass warning, there's not much you can do to fight it.   Universal is private property.      Scroll down to the bottom for a web site with all the info on Trespass Warnings.   As you scroll down through this web site, you'll realize that what happened to you, has happened to thousands of others.   You are not alone.      This web site gets over 750 views a month and that number is rising.      Most likely from people who got banned, kicked to the curb like trash.   

Story linked here that started it all.   Before this, no one knew Universal was banning 20k people a year.    

Universal bans hundreds of underage drinkers during Horror Nights

The week after the incident, I called Universal Orlando and spoke to Joe Sites, the security person who kicked me out.    I asked him why he made my warning indefinite.  He said it was just because the way I was acting.   I apologized to him and cleared the air.   He was mad I didn't want to cooperate (meaning talk).    I asked if there was an appeal process.  He said people could write to

Head of Security
Bill Coddington
1000 Universal Studio Plaza
Orlando FL 32819

I wrote to Bill Coddington, explained what happened, appealed, waited a few weeks, and didn't get a reply.  I then wrote the City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer at this address

On November 24th, 2008 I got a reply from Universal Orlando legal department saying they were sticking by their decision.   They were happy I apologized, but didn't want to change anything.   This proves that apologies don't mean anything in this world unless you're an athlete or star with tons of money.     It also means that anyone who writes Universal Orlando trying to appeal their trespass warning will get nowhere.  The legal department will write back a few weeks later saying you are SOL. 

Here's a few things you may not know after reading the article that I found out from talking with Scott Powers.

Turns out Universal bans approximately 70 people a day for various infractions.   This can happen when people buy a drink at the slushie stand next to Margaritaville and let their kid hold the drink.   If you read the news paper article, you'll see this situation led to someone being arrested.     The details can be found here.

Planet Feedback Letter

Did these two people deserve to be arrested?    No.   But they were.   

The exact numbers are not known, but if Scott said that 127 were banned on the weekend I visited, and half the reports were not entered in the system, then that means they are banning approximately 70 people each night at HHN, and 70 people during the day.   Let's do some math here, HHN runs for approximately 20 nights.  70 times 20  = 1400 people banned for a year, their tickets taken away, annual passes confiscated,  possibly arrested if they flip out and become physical with the Orlando Police.    When HHN isn't happening, they are banning approximately 2100 people a month.  That's 25k people banned each year.    At this rate, it's a wonder Universal Orlando will have anyone left to visit.  

Here's how the sting operation works.   Universal security hangs out near Jimmy Neutron and Shrek.  People buy jello shots from vendors in the streets, and let their kids have a taste.  Security comes up, shines flash lights, asks for ID, then the people are escorted to an area behind the bathrooms near the front of the park next to T2.   This is a major operation with many tables set up and officers waiting.   The people are brought back there and treated very rudely by the security people.   This is to get a confession so the people will admit guilt and possibly be arrested.  In my case, they tried to split me up from my daughter.    When I told Ashley not to talk, then told me to be quiet.    Most people try to talk their way out of the situation like you see on Dateline.   Orlando Police is back there, and they help write up the trespass warning.  If you get belligerent, you will be arrested.    An officer signs the trespass warning, along with Universal security.    They'll say you're not going to be arrested, but no one knows for sure because cops lie.   In the show Dateline, Chris Hansen tells people they are free to go, then the cops arrest them.     For all I knew, I figured they were going to take me down at that point.    That's why Joe got mad and made the warning indefinite.   When you receive a trespass warning, it's entered into the City of Orlando police system as a case number.   You're not charged with anything, but they do have all the information on you, they take your picture.   If you come back, you can be arrested. 

Here's another story of someone who was kicked out before they even got into the park.  This person was stopped in the parking garage because he had a drink on the hood of his car.  They drove 7 hours, had their tickets taken away, and were kicked to the curb, just because the guy didn't want to let security see if his drink was spiked.  

My Halloween Horror Nights Experience at Universal Studios

Bottom line, don't talk to cops.  There's many videos on the web telling you why, and I'll link to them here.

Don't Talk To Cops Part 1
Don't Talk To Cops Part 2

Now, what else can you do?



Don't visit any restaurants, gas stations, parks, hotels.    The City of Orlando will get no tax revenue.  You see, every time you buy something, the city you're in is getting sales tax money.   Take your business to Kisissimee, which is where Disney is located.   Buy your gas in Kisissimee, visit those restaurants, stay in their hotels, and avoid Orlando at all costs.  

The ultimate boycott is to just avoid the Orlando area all together and save your money for a ski trip.   That's exactly what I'm doing.  If the City or Orlando and Disney want to issue trespass warnings, I'll go elsewhere.    Visit my Bucket List page for ideas of other places to visit. 
USA Top Steel Roller Coaster Bucket List

There was another story about Dixie Stampede closing down, and wanting to open up in another location.  Want to know why?  Because they don't want to be in the City of Orlando, that's why.  Otherwise they'd go back into the same building.    At first the reason Dixie Stampede gave for the sale was they got an offer for the building they couldn't refuse since it was next to the outlet mall.  Now we find out there was never a sale and the building is still empty.      So obviously the City of Orlando is a place to be avoided at all costs. 

Orlando's Dixie Stampede Skips Town

If Universal wants to have a sting operation, the only answer is to ban them from selling jello shots at HHN.   I wrote Buddy Dyer telling him this, and he didn't respond.    If the City of Orlando really wants to stop under age drinking, then stop the problem at the source.    Universal doesn't want to do this, because they want the money from the liquor sales.  It's huge.   At the entrance and exit of every haunted house is a beer stand.  Hot looking girls walk through the crowd selling jello shots at $6 a pop.   A beer also costs $6.     Universal has no problem with the money they make, yet they're banning 70 people a night for making a mistake, and the City of Orlando is helping them do this.   Each park at Universal has 3 bars.  If people had to walk into the bar to get a drink, none of these problems would happen, because people wouldn't buy the drinks.  It would be too much of a hassle to walk into a bar and wait.    The other thing, if people did buy drinks from the bars, it would be a beer or something strong they wouldn't give to their kid.   So the problem is jello shots and slushie drinks.    It's entrapment.  

It's kinda like getting a speeding ticket on a 2 lane road where the speed limit is 40mph.   We're you wrong?  Yes.   Is it fair cops have radar traps set up on a highway?   No.   When cops go over board with writing tickets, people move out of that city.   

Write to the Mayor of the City or Orlando and tell Buddy you want all the jello shots and drink stands banned at HHN.   Let's see what Universal Orlando thinks about that.   Busch Gardens has a Halloween event called Hall-0-Scream, and they don't have this problem.  Why?  Because they sell mostly beer at their event.

You may be saying sue them.   Won't work, I already talked to an attorney, the one in the article.  Nothing can be done from a legal stand point for a trespass warning, and that's the problem.   They're banning people for a year and there's no way to appeal in court.   You're found guilty on the spot and kicked to the curb. 

Update 02/01/09 - I happened to visit Publix and saw the following display.  Publix is a grocery store chain with stores in Florida and Georgia, plus a few other states.    

I wrote to Publix and asked them to not run these display ads any more.  If Universal wants to ban me from their parks, then I'll ask Publix to ban Universal from their stores.    You may write to Publix at the following page to tell them you'd like the ads taken away in the future.  

Contact Publix

04/23/09 - I wrote the Mayor of Orlando asking him to comment on the article, he didn't reply back.   You see, it's not the recession that is causing the 20% drop in attendance, it's the 25k people they're banning plus high ticket prices.  

06/29/09 - My daughter started at the University of Florida.   If we're such bad people, then how did she get in?  

07/06/09 - I visited Sea World of Florida in the afternoon.    Used my season pass to park for free, rode Manta (new coaster), and Kracken.   I left the park and ate dinner at Chili's in Leesburg Florida.   Orlando got zero dollars from me on this visit.    In the past I'd usually have a few beers at Sea World.   But since they did away with the hospitality house, forget it.    And I probably would have eaten at the local Chilis on I-drive next to Fun Spot and filled the gas tank at the BP on Sand Lake Road next to I-4 like I used to do, but not any more.    Zero, Nada, Zip is what Orlando got from me.    No tax revenue, no tips to the servers at Chilis.  

07/10/09 - A few lawyer sites that deal with trespass warnings, both have a lot of info.   The first is from the lawyer who appeared in the Orlando Sentinel article.  I spoke to Jon by phone and sent e-mails.  There was nothing he could do for me, and he thinks the system stinks.      Very interesting points in this article, you DON'T HAVE TO TALK, yet this will anger the security people which is why they will ban you for life.   

Jon H. Gutmacher

And here's another law firm that deals with the problem.

Nejamelaw - Arrests at Theme Parks

And yet another firm that may be able to help if you've been falsely arrested.
Thanks.  You might want to pass it on that Mr. Nichols works civil rights cases on a contingency basis.  There is no charge up front for his services.  He gets paid when the case ends.
Elena Hume, Legal Asst. to Jack Nichols
Jack B. Nichols
801 N. Magnolia Avenue, Suite 414
Orlando, FL 32803


07/26/09 - A person was trespassed from a concert at Hard Rock Live.    I e-mailed the person from the article.   He was escorted out of the park by 3 cops with tasers drawn and 5 security guards.    He was banned for 7 years and has now MOVED to Tampa.    Good for him, that's why everyone is leaving Orlando.    And they wonder why crime is so high.  It's because the OPD is at Universal escorting people out of the parks with tasers drawn.    They avoid the bad parts of town. 

07/28/09 - Check out this video of Cops making up a story after a rear end accident.
4 Hollywood Police Officers Doctor Arrest Report

Listen to them talk about doing a "Disney."    This is what happens when you're taken behind the wall at Universal.    Security will have you banned just so they can win and you lose, even if you did nothing wrong.  

08/07/09 - Check out this article about an Atlanta family that was banned.  

A metro Atlanta family has been banned from Universal Studios Orlando for a year after a verbal run in with a fellow guest.  The family said they got kicked out of the park after that guest cursed at their young daughter for screaming too loudly on one of the park's most popular rides.  Nix asked park security to call Orlando police to file a formal complaint against the woman.  When police arrived, she was stunned to receive a trespassing violation and kicked out of the park for a year.  "It says you are to stay off our properties all our properties or be arrested and we were actually escorted out by security," said Nix.

Do these people look like they should be banned?   

Check out this article written by Jason Garcia.   He wrote a similar article in April of 2009.     Yes Jason, attendance is down 14%, but it's not because of all the excuses the parks mention in both articles.   It's because 20k people are banned every year.   A 20% drop in attendance in April of 2009, and now a 14% drop in August.   Those 20k people tell their friends to stay away, they go else where on vacation.  

By Jason Garcia August 7th 2009, Sun-Sentinel Writer.  
The global recession sent attendance at Universal Orlando plummeting during the second quarter of this year, but deep cost cuts helped the resort boost its profit by nearly 30 percent.   The gains came even though attendance dropped 14 percent from a year ago.  Earlier this year, the resort laid off about 70 employees, mostly management-level workers.   Universal's results came a week after theWalt Disney Co. announced that attendance at Walt Disney World held steady during a similar time period. 

Well there ya go.   Attendance at Universal continues to drop, while Disney remains the same.   I wonder why?  

10/12/09 - A college student sent me this e-mail. 

I recently found your website and wanted to share my experience with Universal 
and HHN. I was banned from HHN just last night for taking a sip of a Long Island 
Iced Tea that a friend, who was 21, had purchased for himself. I was holding the 
drink, took a sip and was handing it back to my friend when a security guard 
approached and asked if I was 21. Not wanting to get my 21-year-old friend in 
trouble (because I didn't know at this point if the guard had seen me handing my 
drink back to my friend), I said I was, and that I didn't have my ID (I am 20. A 
month and a few days after this incident I'll be 21). The guard then said to 
follow him. A female friend of mine started to ask if we could just pour out the 
drink and be on our way, since we had JUST arrived in the park. We were there to 
go to some of the houses and ride the rides, not get wasted. The guard was 
extremely rude to her and kept leading me to the hidden area where the Orlando 
police were gathered dealing with other offenders. 

An Orlando sergeant asked for my information and took a picture of my face; I 
was completely compliant, and was then told I'd be banned for a year. At this 
point my female friend came back and waited for the paperwork to be completed 
and attempt to explain to the officer that we had no phones and our other 
friends had the keys to her car, which we had driven to get there (the two 
over-21 friends that were with us-including the one who had bought the drink-had 
vanished at this point in order to get out of trouble. I wasn't about to tell on 
them and ruin their night as well). The Orlando officer just sighed and told us 
that I would be escorted off the premises. My friend came with me, seeing as how 
I'm a 20 year old female not from Orlando and had no way of getting back into 
the hotel we were staying in by myself. We were driven to an area outside of 
CityWalk, and then we re-entered CityWalk and saw a movie, since it was only 
around 8pm at that point and we were not about to spend the entire night in our 
hotel room, nor were we about to go out in Orlando by ourselves without our male 
friends, seeing as how Orlando has one of the highest crime rates in Florida. 

Overall, the situation was ridiculous. Yes, I was fully aware that underage 
drinking is illegal and should not be tolerated. YET I was polite the entire 
time and did not argue at any point. The guard who led me away had the nerve to 
ask where the guys we were with went, since they were standing next to us when 
he approached. I found it amusing that he was more concerned with kicking out 
someone who was not intoxicated or belligerent, than finding the guy who had 
bought the drink and could have potentially bought more alcohol for other 
under-age friends (my friend wouldn't have done that, but still...). I found it 
absurd that I was thrown into a van and escorted off the premises with people 
who had been caught smoking pot, attempting to buy pot, got caught shop-lifting, 
and had altercations with the guards and/or guests. I feel like that since I was 
compliant, I should have been let off with a warning or even a fee. 

Luckily, my family and I are lovers of DisneyWorld, and have plans to stay there 
for a week in December (after I turn 21). I will probably not be returning to 
Halloween Horror Nights even after my trespass ban has been lifted, and I will 
only go back to Orlando to visit the Harry Potter portion of Islands of 
Adventure, which will happen after I'm 21 (since it'll be after the banning) but 
the city of Orlando will receive no money on my part from the potential alcohol 
and food sales I could've offered. I'm currently a senior at xxxxxx and have never 
been in trouble with the law and have maintained excellent grades my entire 
life; I plan on attending grad school to earn a masters in the fall. While I 
understand this isn't going to be a blight on my career endeavors, it's still 
embarrassing and shameful to someone who's led a good life and plans on helping 
others as a career. 

Thanks for reading my story, and I hope more people will wake up to the 
stupidity of what Universal is doing (like having cops waste time signing 
trespass warnings for under-age drinkers rather than patrolling the dangerous 
areas of Orlando). Like you have mentioned on your page, it's no wonder their 
attendance rates are dropping; kicking out a couple thousand people ever year 
and banning some for life will catch up to them, as will the awful practice of 
charging extra for an Express Pass (another reason why more people I know of go 
to Disney--tickets aren't that much more expensive and Fast Passes are free). 
10/12/09 - Here's another report.
Read the article and i went through the SAME thing.
im 20, got caught with a bottle of smirnoff in my hand. however i did have a wristband. i went to see if they would pay attention and obviously didn't cus they issued me a wristband.
it was so stupid that they decided to check me, when i had a wristband, than to check anyone else. and im trespassed till next year.
oh and i'm a universal employee. so freaking stupid!!
10/12/09 - And Yet Another Report.

I recently went to Halloween Horror Nights. I wanted to share with you my experience. I'm not sure how you could possibly help me, but hopefully you might have some advice for me. I appreciate your time in reading and possibly responding to this e-mail.
This is a recount of the events that happened on the night of Sunday, October 11th, of 2009. This is from my point of view and in no way does it depict anyone elses point of view. We decided that we wanted to see the first showing of Bill And Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, which started at 7:30p. Before the show began, there was an announcer that clearly stated no videotaping or flash photography. It did not say anything about no cameras allowed, or no photography. I noticed that through out the crowd, guests were taking pictures, with no flash, and no one came up to them or said anything. So, towards the end of the show, when there was a Micheal Jackson mantage, and I started taking pictures. No flash was involved. After the end of the show, my friend had lost her camera case underneath the bleachers and we ended up staying to ask an attendant to please get it for us. I waited at the bottom of the of the stands for her, while she retreived her case. As I was doing so a Police officer was walking passed me. He did not call my attention or anything, but I walked up to the officer and told the him that all I had on the camera were pictures, that I had not video taped anything. I’m not sure why I did this. I guess because I just wanted to make sure that I did not break any rules. I turned on the camera and showed him the pictures. He did not state to me any concerns, he actually stood next to me and looked at the pictures as I showed them to him. My friend was able to retrieve her camera case, and we were off. Onwards towards scarey houses, picture taking and all in all a very good time.
 We decided that after we had done all the haunted houses we would return to the Bill and Teds show to take photos of the characters we were unable to get the first time we were there. I had taken out my camera to take a picture of the introduction screen and a female staff member in a black shirt told me to put my camera away. I explained to her that it had no flash, and I was not video taping, she just shook her head and told me to put it away. So I put it down. I noticed about two rows infront of me, a male staff member, dressed in an orange shirt speak to a female with a camera. She asked if she could please take pictures as long as she did not use her flash. The male staff member nodded and said it was ok. So the show begins and nothing out of the ordinary happens. Having a good time, laughing. I started taking a few pictures, and about 5-10 minutes into the show was when the female staff member in the black shirt returned to tell me to put my camera away. I was really confused, because she did not go to anyone else that had their camera out to stop taking pictures. She only came up to me. So I voluntarily left my sit; which she did not ask me to leave; and asked her to please explain to me why it was that during the first show it was allowed, but that this show it was not. It made no sence to me. It does not say no phtography of any kind, just no videotaping and no flash photography. The person that responded to me was a different male in an orange shirt telling me that regardless of what the rules stipulate that no photography was allowed. It was very loud and I could not hear him very well. So I repeated my question, just to make sure I heard him the first time. He repeated himself, saying that unfortunately, there was no filming or flash photgraphy. So I said but I was not taking flash photgraphy I was just taking a picture. He said that that was still considered flash photgraphy. So I requested to speak with a supervisor, was there a supervisor available. That was when a police officer came and told me that I was asked to leave. I looked at him and told him that I was not asked to leave, I came up the stairs after the female staff member because I was confused about the rules. She did not eject me, she just told me to put my camera away. He in turn returned to speak to the male staff member that was speaking to me if I was in fact ejected from the stadium, and he nodded. I looked around me perplexed, because I could not understand how it came to be that from a question, I was getting ejected. So I tried to explain to the officer what was going on, that I was not asked to leave by any of the staff members, that I came up willingly to ask a question about the rules, and to point out that in one show we were allowed to, but in this one we were not. He said he did not care, I was asked to leave. I once again excused myself and told him to please listen to me, that is not what happened, please listen to what is going on. He in turn repeated that he did not care and told me that I asked to leave, to leave, if not that I was going to get arrested. I excused myself once more and said, look I have friends with me may I please tell them what is going on. He said that I could wait for them outside, but I had to leave. I was very confused at this point, because nothing of what was happening made any sence. I could not understand how in the world from one question, that I voluntarily went to ask, I was being kicked out. I put my hands up to show him I meant no harm, I just wanted him to listen to me. He pulled out his handcuffs and told me if I was going to make him use his handcuffs. At this point I was not even sure what I did or said to cause him to see me as a threat, or what I said to convince him that I was being a problem. I once again requested to speak with a supervisor, please. That was when he grabbed my wrist and yanked my arm behind my back. I completely freaked out and started crying and panicing. I wanted to know what was going on. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was aksing a question and I wanted a supervisor because it seemed like no one wanted to deal with my question or concern. He told me that now I am being arrested and that was that. I panicked even more and started to squirm, trying to face the officer. I wanted him to please listen to me. None of what was happening was making any sense. He kept forcing my arm behind my back and told me he didn’t care, I had my chance to leave, now I was being arrested. I had about 4 male officers at my back, forcing themselves on me trying to place handcuffs on me. All I wanted was an answer. I wanted to understand how the rules were stated. Other guests were taking pictures and it was all around me, not just at the front row.
 While I was taken to the front of Universal Studios I once again retold my story, and no one would listen to me. They all ignored me. Even while I was sitting at the front of two officers, they would not listen to me either. They took a photo graph of me, began to ask me questions and I couldn’t even think to give them clear answers. I was too upset at the situation to think clearly. All that stayed with me was what happened to get me to this. I saw nothing wrong. I questioned a rule that made no sence. If that was what they did not want, they should have said no photgraphy, no flash photgraphy. Like what is seen on some Disney World rides, or concert events or the like. I was not trying to start an argument, I was trying to ask a question and get back to my friends. I did not have a cell phone on me to get in touch with them. The stadium was filled with loads and loads of guests. It was very dark in the area. The only lights available were the ones from the staidum.
 The police officers that were there were not professional at all. They spoke about Barnie and how they would never allow their children to watch it. That freaked me out even more, because I honestly felt like that was that. I was no longer a guest that paid to get into the park. I was treated like if I had attacked someone, or thrown someone down a flight of stairs, or that I had stolen. I was another number to them. I waited for like 20 minutes for the officer to come and tell me that I was being tresspassed from Universal Studios and that I was going to jail. I asked him why? I did nothing wrong. He started to explain to me that he heard the female worker that I needed to leave, and I interjected saying that that was not what happened. There was another officer that that told me that I needed to shut up. I turned to face him to try and see if I could see a badge or a name, and could see niether, because it was dark. I faced the officer that had arrested me and heard him recount another incorrect statement and I began to shake my head. The officer that was to my back repeated for me to shut up. I turned to face him and told him that this was not what happened, that I vouluntarily went up, asked a question then requested to see a supervisor. The officer that arrested me siad: yes, and that you could speak to one in the front. That you needed to leave. I said to him that I wanted to go to my friends, and he shoke his head and said that I was already told to leave I could wait for them outside. The officer behind me told me to shut up once more. Later a female officer came up to me and told me that I was not helping my situation. I explained to her that I was freaking out because I have never been arrested before, that I was freaking out because of the situation. She asked me if I was drinking or doing drugs. I told her I do not drink or do drugs. She just lookied at me and left. Then they came to me telling me that my friends were there looking for me. I freaked out even more because this was not how my friends have ever seen me. I did not want them to see me. I was scared at everything. I just could not understand what was going on.
 The police officer came towards me and told me that I was leaving. I asked him where he was taking me and he turned to me and said I was going to jail. That made things even worse because then I could not control my crying, it was getting harder for me to breath, I couldn’t feel my arms, and I expressed all these concerns to him. He said the cuffs were not tight I was going to be fine. I said, all I wanted was to speak with a supervisor. The police officer that had told me to shut up before, piped up and said, you already spoke to a supervisor, he was the supervisor and that I was going to jail. Everyone started laughing at this. I cried harder, because nothing made sence. As the officer that arrested me walked me to his car, I tried explaining once again and he said too late now, you have been arrested. While in the car, he was joking with his fellow police officer outside the car saying how this was going to be fun. I lost it. I began to cry harder. Everything made no sence. And what was worse was that he didn’t listen to anything I had to say. Once in the car, he drove off and he began playing his iPod. That did not calm me down. He didn’t speak to me about the charges, he spoke on the phone with his supervisor to be clocked out at midnight so he wouldn’t get something called street time, or straight time for street time. I tried calming down. Talking to the officer and explaining myself to him, irregardless of him listening. I was booked at 33rd and was left there for 8 hours before anyone called me. As I was there, no one was doing anything. Police officers were sitting around gossiping. I phones did not work properly, so it was close to 1:30-ish before I could get a hold of my friends. I tried asking how to get the phones to work and a police officer that I asked told me to shut up, that he was in the middle of a conversation and that when he was done, he would answer my question about the phone not working. I was too scared to ask anything more of them. I had to ask other people that were not officers or medical personnel to please explain to me what was going on. It was not until around 8:00am that I was released and allowed to go home.
 Please, if anyone if reading this, I need to know where the logic is in any of this. The cause does not justify the means in anything that has happened. I did not threaten anyone. Did not cause a scene, or intentional harm on anyone. I just followed a female staff member up the stairs and asked her about the rules, and was answered by another staff member who told the officer that I was asked to leave, when clearly I was not. She did not tell me anything. She stood off to the side, while the male staff member in the orange shirt, spoke to me. To then have a police officer come up behind me and tell me that he did not care what I needed to say, I needed to leave. That my friends could meet me outside. My two friends out of a packed stadium of people, looking for me in a theme park that was full of people as well. I did not have my cell phone and wanted to just ask a question that I found valid.
 Thank you very much for your time and have a wonderful day.


10/14/09 - A reader e-mailed me the following.
My name is xxxxxxxxxxxxx and I am a retired photographer from Disney and I used to work at Universal as a photographer both on the back lot and as a freelancer.  I am attaching for you a copy of the photographer's rights as they pertain to the general picture taking out in public.  The theme parks unfortunately have it both ways first as they are big with lots of money and plenty of lawyers-they are a a public venue and they are technically private property.  Particularly at Halloween Horror Night Universal hires off duty cops as security as they get lots of rowdy drunken people which is why I never go there anymore-even at Disney coming out of theme parks cops are just sitting there to write speeding tickets or worse yet DUI.  There is an old saying  let the buyer beware.  I hope this attachment can help-get a good lawyer.
The Photographers Right

10/28/09 - The latest arrest report comes from this e-mailer.  

I'm on my phone so I can't write in detail what happend but I read  
over your site and wanted to share my experience that happend last  
Wednesday. My friend touched one of the scare charectors so we were  
stopped by about 5 universal staff, security and one opd officer.  
After about 10 minutes Of talking with them the officer approached me  
tellin me to stfu and pushed me 3 times. I yelled he had no right to  
push me or touch me to which he replied "do something about it pussy".  
I explained that I'm not  dumb and would not touch him. After about 2  
minutes of him insulting me And trying to start a fight with me I told  
the officer "just becase you have that badge, it does not give you the  
right to be an asshole. Go fuck yourself" his response was you're  
under arrest. I said for what, he said assault on a Leo. I said how  
did I assault you, by time I finished that sentance I was being pepper  
sprayed. 5 seconds after that he shot me with his taser.

This happend at 11:15pm about 100 feet south of the mummy. There were  
100-200 ppl that watched this happen to me. My iPhone 32gb 3gs was on  
me when I wad arrested, it was not with my stuff when I got to jail.

I am in process if getting a lawyer.
11/03/09 - Yet another attendance story from Jason.  
Attendance continues to fall at Universal Orlando
Universal's attendance sank 11 percent in the 3rd quarter, as a harsh economy continues to squeeze the resort
Attendance at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure sank 11 percent during the three months that ended Sept. 27, 
dropping from 3 million a year ago to 2.7 million. The people who did visit the parks spent less on food, drinks and souvenirs, 
as per-capita guest spending dropped 2 percent.
That's 3 articles in a row by Jason saying it's the recession causing the drop in attendance.
No Jason, it's not the recession, more like 20k people are banned each year.   Plus many
complain that ticket prices are too high.    Does Universal care?  No.   
Many complained that HHN sucked this year, was too expensive, and the big new attraction
they're building at IOA is nothing more than an HP Shopping Mall.   Only one new ride
in the castle that will be a family simulator.   Boring.    

10/14/12 - Received an e-mail from Bill.    Apparently, they were going to get physical with him, but stopped when he told them he knew martial arts.   Also, the cop was going to arrest, but then decided not too.   The best thing to do in these situations is get out your camera and document the event.    The script is the exact same.    Multiple security shows up, gets mean, OPD is called, they will arrest if you argue.    Otherwise, security takes your picture, fills out the tresspass warning form, and kicks you out.    OPD is not on your side, they're looking to have you arrested.    Once you're kicked out, it's over, there's nothing left to do.    Be happy you didn't get arrested, otherwise it's 2k to hire a lawyer.   If that happens, the case is dismissed and they'll say sorry to you in court, but you will have spent 2k for a lawyer. 

"This is an incredible story about Universal studios security which happened to me yesterday, October 10, 2012, around 12:45 p.m   My wife and my three kids, ages 8 – 11, arrived at Universal studios. We had already purchased tickets but we had to pick them up at will call. We, along with many other folks had first tried to use the automated kiosks, but they did not work – for anybody. So we had no choice but to wait on a long line at the guest services window.    We waited on line for approximately 30 minutes, but the line hardly moved. The reason for this was that although there were six windows, only two of them were manned by employees. The other four windows were closed.    I thought this was unreasonable. I was actually not concerned for myself, but for the elderly folks, including some who were clearly not in the best of health, just standing or sitting in their wheelchairs in the 100 degree heat.    Therefore, I found a cast member in a blue shirt and informed him of the problem. He looked over at the line and the closed windows, and he responded immediately by making a call, requesting more service at the guest services window.   Nothing happened for 10 minutes, so I called guest services on my phone. They asked for my name and that was pretty much it. Again, nothing happened.   I approached another cast member, and she said there was nothing she could do.  Then a few more minutes passed, and there was still no detectable movement of the guest services line. Other people on line were also calling guest services to no avail.    Then I found the same cast member that I spoke to earlier who had made the call.  So he called again for more service at the windows. Still nothing happened. At around this same time, I saw employees entering the guest services window in droves. I thought, “ahh, now we’re going to get those other four windows open”. I waited several minutes, but still nothing happened.   So I called guest services again, and this time I asked for a supervisor. When asked what it was about, I explained the situation and asked that if they could not properly serve these guests who had already paid for their tickets, could they at least come by and hand out lunch vouchers or something like that, in recompense for the unreasonable lack of service. I was put on hold.   While I was put on hold, my patience was running out. Again, I didn’t care about me or my family. We are young-ish and healthy. So, faced with a very unreasonable circumstance, I decided I had to stick my neck out a little. I knocked on the door to the office.  A few seconds later , an old grey-haired woman cracked open the door about 14” , took one look at me, and yanked back on the door – hard—like she just saw the abominable snowman, or something. I was still holding onto the door handle, so she encountered some resistance while I was just trying to get a word in edgewise to her.


So I sat down next to the door, with my cell phone. I was still on hold. About five minutes later, several security people, one with a light blue shirt named ‘Mike’and a few in white shirts marked ‘security’ named ‘Josh’ and ‘Jose’ started appearing and looking around. ‘Oh, they’re here for me, I said to myself’. I stayed right where I was, sitting next to the office door, with my three little kids sitting beside me.   They surrounded me. Another security person sped over on a bike. Some people on the line saw what was going down and alerted my wife saying “Is that your husband? They can’t treat him like that! You can sue them for that!”    Mike questioned me. He said, “Why didn’t you just approach a cast member? “ I explained I did approach cast members – three times and nothing happened. And I called guest services twice, and nothing happened. So that’s why I attempted a face-to-face at the door. I pointed out that there were mostly elderly people waiting on a line that barely moved, and I thought that was unacceptable. I asked if he thought it was acceptable. He did not answer.   Then Mike started talking in an aggressive and inciting manner to me, and said they were going to physically kick me out.    At this point I stood up, looked him in the eye, and said: “I have 10 years training in the most deadly form of martial arts there is. If you go ahead and do what you threatened, you will have a worse problem on your hand, so I would reconsider that threat and try to fix the real problem which started all this. Namely, serve these people who have already paid for their tickets. I have been and  still and trying to handle this diplomatically and I suggest you do the same. Then I sat down.  Mike asked me questions which I answered, and I asked him questions which he did not answer. I told him that’s not the way a conversation works.   Then Mike started badgering me again in a threatening and inciting manner. At this point, I had enough. I pointed my finger at him and said “Okay, right now, I want you to get out of my face.”   Then Mike got very angry, started calling security, and said they were going to expel me from the park for trespassing. More security people started showing up. I immediately picked up my phone and called 911.    ‘911 what’s your emergency?”   I’m here at guest services at Universal and I’m surrounded by wanna-be cops security people who are overreacting and talking and posturing in a threatening manner. I need a real cop here, now, otherwise there’s going to be trouble!”


So a cop showed up named R. Buffington showed up. He was all revved up. He told me to take my hands out of my pockets and asked me if I had any weapons. I said no. He then patted me down all over. When he was done. I put my hands back in my pockets. He said, take your hands out of your pockets. I did.

“Have you ever been arrested before?”,  Officer Bufffington said.

“No, I’m squeaky clean and never even got a speeding ticket.”, I answered, truthfully.


He demanded my driver’s license and I gave it to him. He made a call and gave someone my name and address.  Then he proceeded to talk to me in a stridently threatening manner, so I called my family and said “let’s go, we’re leaving.”  Then Officer Buffington said “No you’re coming with me inside the park to our office”.   I said: “Hold on a second, you can’t detain me when I’m in the process of leaving peacefully.”   He said: “No, you’re coming with me now”.  I said: “okay, but then my wife and kids are coming with me. I’m not leaving them out here with these security people while you take me to some unknown place with a bunch of cops where I don’t know what the heck they’re going to do to me.”   I don’t really know what or why it happened, but Officer Buffington dropped the “You’re coming with me” macho routine. He filled out the paperwork right there. I snapped pictures of all these animals. Someone took my picture but stupidly did not have me take my sunglasses off.    He gave me the ‘Trespass’ form which stated the reason was for ‘disorderly conduct’.    We left, with someone following us the whole way out of the park. We went straight to Disney and had a great time.    WHO ARE THESE ANIMALS!? THEY’RE OUT OF CONTROL!! SOMEBODY PLEASE STOP THEM!!!"

Buffington, Jose, Josh, Mike (ready to fill out a Tresspass Warning Form).    The script is the same.    When an argument happens, they esclate the situation and OPD is on their side.   

10/14/12 - A mom named Paula let her 20 year old son have a sip of beer going through a haunted house line.    Here's her story.

I stumbled across your site because I was looking up how to appeal the warning I received from Universal this past weekend.    You described this process exactly as it took place.     I just purchased "preferred" annual passes a few weeks ago and Halloween Horror Nights was my second visit in which I brought my daughter (18), Son (20) and a friend of theirs (20) to the park.   I paid the additional fee and throughout the night NONE of the kids were drinking alcohol.   I purchased a beer just before going into a haunted house (nearly midnight) and since the line was moving quickly they said I needed to finish the beer before entering.  I did let my son (20) have a "gulp" as we were walking in the line.  I'm sure that is "illegal" but I certainly don't feel like our punishment fit the crime.    None of us were drunk or beligerant but the security officers did try to use their positions to intimidate us.   I found myself apologizing to prevent anything terrible from happening but my son was a bit more outspoken.     It's a terrible situation to be in because at his mother I felt so responsible and I wanted to protect him but on the flip side I was so angry that they would pull us aside for something as small as a drink of a beer.     I intend on filing an appeal to see if they will reconsider the length of the warning and be a little forgiving.    I'm not doing this with expectations of a positive outcome but I'm doing it because I purchased my annual pass with a friend of mine who was not with me that evening and I feel that he will be stuck with a pass and no one to go to the park with.   
I plan on sharing your site on my FB page and hoping to get this message spread around because we are Florida residents and know a lot of people in the area who do visit Orlando.   It's very sad that so much alcohol would be promoted during an event just to target groups of people who are truly doing no harm.    I shake my head and wonder...   If you would like me to keep you updated on any results please let me know.  
Thanks so much for sharing your experience and putting this information out for people like myself who feel violated and confused on how an establishment can do this to their visitors and more so annual pass holders.   

Unfortunately, the appeal won't work.   You'll have to move on to other activities like I suggest.    Try a ski trip to Park City Utah, or a visit to Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio, or Hawaii.    You won't miss Universal.       

12/15/12 - On this day my daughter graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Animal Sciences.   If we're such terrible people, then how did my daughter graduate?   That's another reason why it's important to stay away from Orlando.   If anything goes bad (like being arrested), it could ruin your college career.   

01/26/13 - Look at the picture above, the old Dixie Stampede building has been torn down.     Good job Orlando.    No one knows why Dolly Parton left, it's still a mystery, but like I've said up above, I have an idea why.   

A former HHN employee e-mailed with many horror stories of scareators being punched.    Once again, it's caused by the alcohol, but Universal won't do anything about it because they want the money.   

09/05/13 - The hits just keep on coming.   Latest article about someone being tossed out of Universal for wearing a shirt that said Police on it.    They wanted to change the shirt, but when they asked if the policy was written, security became abusive, called in OPD, and the family was tossed.   

A teenager's Sweet 16 birthday party was cut short recently when she and her family were kicked out of a Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Fla. The reason? Her father's T-shirt.  According to WPTV, a local news station in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Aug. 24, Christian Jarosz, his wife, Diana, their daughter, Sabrina, and her friend were stopped by security while they were headed to the Blue Man Group show inside the theme park. "They kicked me out because of my T-shirt," Christian told WPTV.   The shirt in question: a navy blue T with the word "Police" and underneath, "Street Crime Unit." Christian is not a police officer, but his brother, a New York cop, had given him the shirt as a gift. Although Christian says he has previously worn the shirt to Disney World as well as to other theme parks, officers stopped him to say he could not wear the shirt in the park.   The family asked to see the policy in writing and questioned the order. They also offered to have the security officers follow them to Billabong, a clothing store inside the park, so they could buy another T-shirt. However, more security officers showed up and told Christian not to bother buying another shirt because he needed to leave the park. The family left the park, and although they were refunded the $500 they spent on tickets for Blue Man Group, they say they won't return to Universal Studios. "They even threatened to arrest us. That really terrified me. I run a school! I've never done anything against the law," Diana told WPTV.

10/20/13 - It's October, that means I get many HHN horror stories.     Another user e-mailed me.

"Hey Ski Guy, I found your web site after being kicked out of Halloween Horror Nights……before ever going in.  I had made some margarita and had it in a cup for the walk in from the parking lot. I got out of my car with the cup and my son who is 15 just wanted a taste. I wasn’t sure but gave him a taste anyway because what’s the harm in just tasting it? Well, it wasn’t even 5 seconds later that this asshole security guard was all over me demanding the cup to check for alcohol. I told him I would put it in the car, figuring this would end the problem. The security guard called over another security guard (maybe because I am a big guy) and demanded the cup saying I had two choices – walk with him down to the Orlando Police or he would call the police to come to our location in the garage. We went down to the tent where just like your page said – took our picture, my son and I, then threw us out with one-year trespass warnings. My son was very upset and rightfully so.  I was very angry, and had the asshole security guard escorting off the property not called police for help and my son had not been there, I would have given all the security personnel and the police a great show until I was tazed (I am trained in MMA and ex-special forces)." 

This person obviously wants revenge, but there's nothing that can be done.   People are pissed because they are bullied and there's nothing you can do about it.      What you have to remember, security is patrolling the garages looking for anyone that pre-games, whether you have a kid with you or not, and it's private property.   I have read a similar story of someone who got out of their car with a cup of booze, and security confronted them.   They were booted, and had drove 2 hours to attend the event.   Doesn't matter, when security confronts, you will be kicked to the curb like trashed and told to leave.     Walking from your car to the gate with a cup of booze will get you a one year tress pass warning, or worse.    Having it out with the security won't solve the problem, they're just doing their job and OPD is there to back them up.    The person who e-mailed me asked what can be done.   The answer is to write bad reviews on Trip Adviros and other review sites, link to this page with your Facebook friends, and spread the word to Boycott Universal.    If there was a way for people to find this page before they are kicked out, I'd tell them to video tape their event, like the person up above did taking pictures.    Security will tell you to put your phone away, but video tape it and document the event.   Then send it to me and I"ll post it.  

02/16/15 - It's a long story and I don't have time so sorry for all of the typos. I was with my boyfriend my brother and his girlfriend. It was at Mardi Gras at universal orlando and it was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me. What happened was there were no people in line at the concession stand and my brother stepped over the line dividers to get to the front. Next thing you know this guy in normal clothing gets into my brothers face. I thought he was a drunk angry guy trying to start something with my brother until I saw his tag it said "bill" on it. I stayed back bc it wasn't my business and I thought everything would get settled and we would go on our way. Well that didn't happen. My brother told bill sorry over and over and over again and the bill guy kept poking at him so my brothers gf went over there and bill said very loudly "WHO ARE YOU?!?" And my brothers gf got defensive because who wouldn't with a grown man yelling at a lady like that. And they started arguing back and forth so I went over there and I said "ok this can stop right here and we will just leave" bill leans over gets in my face and says "WHO ARE YOU?" And yells it at me then he says " WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME TO STOP?" And I was like woah because it scared me I backed off and stood next to my boyfriend who hasn't said anything. Then next thing you know security is all over us tell us we're getting kicked out to follow them. My boyfriend said why am I getting kicked out? And bill said you didn't do anything wrong but security was still escorting is out. So, we thought we were leaving the park but they took us this back way and told us to stand here which we did but my brother kept walking toward the exit because that's where we thought we were heading because these guys gave us no direction or told us anything so we didn't know. Next thing you know all the security Rush my brother to catch him to turn him around and bring him into this hallway. At this point I'm crying because I'm scared idk what's going on and I seen a bunch of people chasing my brother. It was just scary. Next thing you know they say that my brother and his gf need to go in the room. Then they said my boyfriend and I need to go in there too then we go to walk in the room then they say nvm yall stay out here then I went to walk out they they said no you need to be in here I was so confused. Anyways we end up in this room and I'm still crying bc I'm scared and confused. Well we were in there for what felt like forever my brother and his gf had to sign papers but my boyfriend and I did not. My brother asked like 3 times if he could leave and no one would answer him. There were two real police officers in there with us and like a bunch of other people I didn't know. Made me feel overwhelmed. Anyways my brother for the last time firmly said can we leave? And everyone got mad one guy said yall can stay and get this sorted or leave then the lady officer said if you guys don't leave now you will all be arrested for trespassing. So it's like do we stay or do we go? It was all very confusing we got no clear direction. So my boyfriend said what do I have to do to not get arrested? And they said leave so we all got up and left. As were leaving we have 3 security officers escorting us out. They said we had to get off property so as were getting escort they told us where we could stand to stay off universal property which was across a busy street they showed us where to cross with no pedestrian signs and we looked back at them and they were waving us to go and there were cars that had to stop to let us cross. We could of been hit by a car! Everything was handled so unprofessionally. I left out that when we were leaving and my brother asked if he could leave some guy comes in and says all of our passes are suspended forever and we can never come back onto the premises ever again or we will all be arrested. I felt like all of universal was a prison I felt trapped, confused.... It almost felt like they were trying to make a reason to arrest us. Turns out that bill guy is bill coddington. Head of security and loss prevention. He was a very angry hot headed guy. It was a very very scary night.

02/24/15 - Another report came into my e-mail box.   And what's really terrible about this story, is the ban on water bottles has since been lifted.   All of this happened for nothing.   

Family Bullied by Universal Studios

           "Please,  internet community, read and be a witness to what occurred on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at a Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida.

            My two granddaughters and I, along with a dear friend using a walker, took a bus from our on-site Cabana Bay Beach Resort hotel to the theme parks' security checkpoint just before 8 a.m.  All four of us were eager and excited to visit the world of Harry Potter for the first time.

            We went up the elevator and took our places in the security line. When our turn came, a guard searched my handbag and announced no water bottles were allowed.  I probably said, "That's harsh," but I had no H2O. I told the guard my granddaughters had water bottles and removed them from one granddaughter's backpack.  I showed him the water and asked if we could keep the bottles.  He said "yes."  I twisted off a cap with my arthritic fingers.  The lid popped onto the pavement.  I bent over to retrieve the top and emptied water from an 8 oz. plastic bottle onto the asphalt.

            When I stood back up, the angry-looking security guard said, "You poured water on my foot!"  (His verb may have been "splashed" or "dripped" or "dumped.")  I no doubt looked at him with astonishment, but quickly said, "Oh, I'm sorry."  (I knew I had not done or intended anything of the sort.)  Confusion reigned as security guards began calling for supervisors. (My friend asked if she could bring in water to take her medicine; no one appeared to know the protocol.)  Already through the search line, I was anxious to get out of the mob scene.  But some guard said to me:  "We don't want people like you in the park!  You're going to be banned." 

            We are two, retired and handicapped 70+ women, a former teacher and a nurse, with two young, half Chinese girls who have read all of Harry Potter.

            With my granddaughter's hand in mine, I proceeded to the moving sidewalks. A large man appeared to be pursuing us.  I didn't know why he was following us.  I shooed him away and then asked him to stop harassing me.  He began yelling: "I'm calling the police.  You're going to be arrested!" 

            My granddaughters were terrified.   So was I.   I wanted to protect them from further trauma and was relieved to see a uniformed police officer show up with a badge.  I inquired: "What is going on?"  I asked for business cards so I could accurately record the disaster.  Someone uttered the word "trespass."  No one asked my name. The police officer explained he had to escort us off the property because such is Florida law.  No arrests, no citations, no warnings, no reports, no reasons--be gone, with the wave of a magic Universal Studios' wand. 

            When we four returned to our on-site hotel, we were in despair.  My youngest granddaughter would not hold my hand.  I called Guest Services at Universal and reported the incident.  The responder said I had to talk to the man who had been chasing me.  "What for?"  I asked.  He had banned us from Universal.  Was I to beg for a change of heart?  Prostrate myself at the feet of an intimidating bully?  (Frankly, I would have done anything to dry tears; I apologized profusely for any misunderstandings.)

            The supervisor clarified that only I, the grandmother who had arranged the surprise adventure for two grade school children from MA, was banned from the theme park. After a careful discussion with my friend, she agreed to accompany the children herself, as the girls were flying home the next morning.  The three hobbled back, four hours after the "early admission" had commenced.  I collapsed.

            News reports suggest the ban on water bottles was a disaster for Universal, poorly planned, managed, and executed.  The ban was lifted within three days.  I had no problem with the policy and complied willingly. 

            My question is: can we trust Universal to treat seniors, the handicapped, children, and families with respect?  All of humankind?  What are my granddaughters to make of this terrifying scene, the accusation, intimidation and bullying?  How are they to think of their place in the world with this wet blanket of humiliation around their shoulders?

            Check out the many online complaints against Universal.  Is Orlando still part of the land of the free?  Is there a pattern of abusive behavior at Universal that might suggest the theme parks are dangerous?  Please share your thoughts."

Once again, everyone needs to take out their cell phones and video tape this abusive behavior.   

05/05/15 - A new e-mail was sent to me detailing the interview process.    This all makes sense and would explain why people are treated so badly when things go wrong.

Good Morning,

     I saw your website and felt compelled to write to you.  To give you a little background I am a security officer who has tried to work outside of all the horror stories and stereotypes that you often hear about.  I do the job because I like helping people and keeping them safe.  I was trained by both an ex-army ranger and a former Mossad operative.  I worked overseas guarding aqua-ducts in Nigeria, and protecting villages in the Sierra Leone region (Over 6 and a half years).  All that being said I just moved to Orlando and what I experienced in an interview process made a whole lot of sense after reading your site.

     I was given two interviews at Universal(For security), the first being a general interview by a very nice individual who really had nothing to do with the security operations.  The second was done by a low speaking man who seemed to say his name very low so I could not hear it.  He asked a series of questions about handling drunk and/or angry individuals to which I always replied that I would try to speak to the person.  That I would want to get to the root of what was causing the problem as every industry (Whether they wish to believe it or not) is a customer service industry.  The man interviewing me seemed irked by the fact that I would want to do anything but call all the other officers in the immediate area or the OPD on site.  I asked if he didn't feel that by doing this that he was actually elevating situations where they may have been none to begin with.  I told him that if you start acting in an intimidating fashion when there is no need, people will react to that.  Again he did not seem to like my response.  I could see clearly that rather than trying to help someone, that they were in more in tune to calling the goon squad for fear and intimidation.  Upon realizing that I was seeing through him (i.e. his insecurities, small mindedness and social ineptitude) the interview was concluded.  He claimed that they would be possibly be calling to fill out paperwork, and I told him not to bother.

     It actually made me sad to see people working in a place associated with fun and family conducting themselves in such a manner.  The lack of professionalism, courtesy and understanding was unbelievable.  I believe one of the individuals who sent you an email before had referred to these individuals as "wanna-be cops" and that is completely accurate.  I don't even work there but feel compelled to apologize to all the people that have gone through such horrible things with these individuals.  The parks should be a place to get away from your troubles and everyday worries, not be subjected to worse ones.  I would just hope that the individuals who were subjected to this poor treatment know that not everyone wearing a badge or doing work in this type of field are bad or out to intimidate or hurt them.  I wouldn't blame them if they did, but I for one would never engage is such activities and will never work for Universal Orlando in any capacity.  There is just never any place for this type of behavior and I am truly sorry for those who were subjected to it.


10/03/15 - A new e-mail came in from someone "pre gaming" in their car.      Security rides around looking for people who are drinking or smoking after everyone has walked away.      No, writing to Bill Coddington won't help, they want to ban anyone that security confronts.     Remember, Univeral is private property.    So when security shows up, they can kick anyone out with no questions asked.    It's best to park across the street from the garage on Kirkman Road and Major Blvd at TGIFridays and the Holiday Inn.   You'll save the parking fee and there's less chance of a security guard rolling up on you.     Just be careful crossing the street, it's 9 lanes of traffic.    There's a rumor they want to build a bridge over Kirkman Road at this spot with Universal buying property on this side of the road.   That will make crossing easy, but at the same time, security will patrol, and they're not your friend.        

Hey man, I ran across your site and started reading through some of the emails of other people and how they got kicked out as well. It's pretty crazy, I didn't think it was this bad. Reason for why I'm writing to you, was that just a week ago, I was also suspended from Universal for a year. I was with my nephews, one who is 20, the other who is 18, and I'm 25. My nephew who was 20, had taken a hit from some weed he had on him, I told him not to bring it into the park, but as I was making my way to park, he had taken a hit, and I made the joke of him "hotboxing" the car now, and we must have sat in the car for about 2 minutes, before security came up to us, and told us what we were doing. I told my nephew to just cooperate as I didn't think I would get in trouble, I was just driving, so we did, they took our ID's and we went to the tents they had near the bag check line, and all 3 of us was hit with a 1 year suspension. I told him, if I can appeal it in anyway, because I literally didn't break any laws, other than my stupid nephew taking a hit before going in...So I was going to write this letter to Bill Coddington and hope for the best? After reading through your page though, I doubt anything will happen now.

Here's a PDF talking about Tresspass Warnings.

04/18/16 - A new e-mail about a group arrested for practically nothing.     The charges are usually dropped, but it's 2k to hire a lawyer.   

My grandson who is 20 was at the park a weekend ago with a male friend and 2 girls. The girls drove and got separted from them the guys at the free part of the park. They went to look for them and went thru an exit the wrong way following a group. Got confronted told to leave. They tried to explain that the girls they were trying to find were the dtivers. Told to leave. On way to taxi they were arrested. My grandson has worked 15 days in row. First day off. Saving for college. This us absolutely  ridiculous. What happens if he just goes back to Michigan as he planned and doesn't go to court? Any help u can give. Also. Please try to get news story on this place again. This needs to be exposed nationally. I posted to all my friends and family to avoid the place

09/28/16 - An e-mail of someone banned for a year.     This is the typical way people get banned, letting someone hold their drink.   

I just read your article and this just happened to me last weekend.  I am a yearly preferred pass holder and
have been for years. I had my 20 year old son, his 19 year old girlfirend and 10 year old son with me. I am 49
years old.  We came up the escalator to go to Margaritaville.  As I was going up the escalator I could not
see my 10 year old and noticed he was further behind in the large crowd.  I handed my beer that was in
a universal cop to my sons girlfriend and snatched my 10 year old.  As the escaltator ended there stood
a universal secuirty guy - he told my sons girlfriend to take the lid off the cup I said its my cup and
tryed to explain - he then snatched the cup and walked us to Orlando Police - We have been banned
for one year for doing absolutely NOTHING WRONG!
This is the biggest sham I have ever seen.  I have since cancelled my yearly passes and will never
go back.  Not that they will give a shit as they are a billion dollar business.
Thanks for letting me tell my story and thanks for this website - I was shocked when this happend and
did not think anyone else ever had to deal with this. Little did I know this is an on going thing.

09/30/16 - This page gets 750 views a month.    Pretty shocking considering the only way to find it is from the google search or from my home page.    Seems that many people are banned each month.     That's 9k a year plus all those who don't even search the internet.    My estimate of 25k a year banned is probably correct.     A drop in the bucket when 9 million people are visiting the HP Shopping Mall.    They really don't deserve the attendance but they get it because people love HP.     Please, once you've visited and got your fill of HP, move on to other parks and avoid being banned for something stupid.     If you go to my home page, you'll see the other places I've been.     Go to my bucket list page and visit these parks.

Do not be brainwashed into visiting Universal or Disney year after year.    There are many other parks to visit which offer more thrill.      Many of these destinations have 3 parks withing driving distance.    In other words, you fly into a city, rent a car, then go on a road trip visiting multiple parks.    The reward is seeing many places along the way.    

10/16/16 -  Another typical story of someone getting banned after driving 5 hours.     Remember, security is looking for pre gamers in the garage and walk ways.      Last night Oct 15th 2016 me and my boyfriend traveled 5 hours just to go to horror nights. After we parked my boyfriend who IS 21 poured a drink. As we approached the security in the parking garage the drink was still in my hand as my boyfriend was eating his wings from bufflo wild wing because we knew the prices would be high inside. As we approached the security i said do you want to finish your drink he said no. I said ok i went to throw the drink in the trash and the security took my drink and sniffed it and next thing i know i was banned and they wouldnt give is the refund for the tickets. #NeverAgain    

12/30/16 - On this last day of the year another story comes in, not of someone drinking, but of someone walking through the gift shop and a piece of merchandise sticking to an article of clothing  by mistake.   You'd think security would relize it was a mistake, but no.    I hate gift shops.    Always go around them if there is an alternate path.

Good afternoon! Like many others, I too was trespassed. I didn't break the law, I didn't drink in the park or let minors drink. Funny, I think Universal goes way too far with the alcohol thing, but that's still a law that was broken so I guess to each their own...

We come every year to Universal, spend several thousand dollars that week between tickets, food, hotels, name it. We had tickets for 5 days in December of 2015. On the first day we had an amazing day, used our early passes to get in and get some extra time, our Flash Passes to get on everything early, bought souvenirs to have sent back to our rooms, used our meal plans to eat our 2 meals plus 2 was perfect, just like every year. 

Then we went to the Minion Mayhem ride. I couldn't tolerate the 4D so my family joined the ride and I continued out the exit. I walked around the gift shop a couple of minutes, then decided to get a squished penny for my daughter's Penny Passport collection. I had to dump out basically everything I owned to find my coin purse with the good shiny pennies, but I found it, paid for the penny machine, squished the penny, saw my family coming toward me so I hurried up and picked all of my junk up and stuffed it back in my bag. We walked around awhile in the store, bought my daughter some minion slippers and my son a t-shirt and pajama pants and left. We stopped outside of the store while the parade was coming through. Alice from Alice in Wonderland stopped and talked to my daughter, made her feel amazing and important. We took some selfies and started to go on our way. 

Then I turned into a dirty criminal. Someone stopped us, wearing a brown jacket and flashed a badge to me. He said he needed my backpack. My husband immediately got defensive because neither of us realized what was going on other than some guy trying to reach into my backpack. I saw the badge, but we were at a theme park with dressed up characters...not a clue. He repeated himself. I allowed him to look in my backpack. He didn't find anything at first, and asked me to remove by belongings so I did. There was a lanyard clip stuck to my daughter's fleece pullover. Very OBVIOUSLY caught on the silver clip.I told him I wasn't sure how I got it, and that I had taken everything out at the penny machine, and that I had also purchased a couple of things, so it must have gotten caught up when I grabbed my heap of junk to put back in my backpack. I was probably 15-20 feet from the door of the store. I offered to either return it or pay for it, whichever he preferred. All 4 of us already had lanyards on, supplied with our Photography package we had prepaid for, so none of us needed it. 

He asked me to follow him and we all know how the rest treating me like trash, calling me a liar, threatening to have me arrested if I didn't sign the trespass form. I signed it, wanting to end the entire thing. They refused to allow my family to come with me when I had to go into the super secret special security room. 

My husband was crying, my kids were crying, I was crying. 

When I took my wallet out to give them my ID I had one of those metal accordion wallets so everything was stuffed in there to the brim. I dropped (3) $100 bills and several twenties because I was shaking so much. I don't say that to be tacky or haughty, I say that to say I don't need to steal, I have plenty of money and plenty of lanyards. Apparently I, a 33 year old season pass holder present with my 2 kids and husband just couldn't live without this lanyard from the minion store. 

The security person, who I believe was named Joe, not really certain...he was horrible.  He said he saw me, and that was his proof. I asked if they had cameras and of course they do. I asked to see the video. He refused. I asked for a supervisor and surprisingly I got one but it was going to be awhile. 

While I was waiting they went through my backpack a little more. I had my daughter's wand and Marauder's Map from Olivander's, my daughter's Red and Black Gryffindor hoodie purchased that morning, my selfie-stick, some motion sickness meds, etc. They accused me of stealing every single thing because I had receipts for none of it. We had been to Universal twice last year and my daughter was chosen for the wand ceremony at Olivander's the previous time (the one where they make the kid feel important and then ask for $55 for the wand...which we gladly purchased.) We bought the Bonine (motion sickness meds) at the airport and there was still a price tag on it, which obviously wasn't from Universal. The Selfie Stick was probably Universal's a $10 stick I got from Walgreens, so maybe I can see them thinking we stole that. We did have receipts for multiple OTHER items that had been sent to our Cabana Bay Beach Resort room. I offered to show them all of those as proof that we had spend a TON of money there that day so far, and that when we want something we PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!! Obviously that helped nothing.

The supervisor came, about 30 minutes later they finally agreed to let me see the video tape...if I decided to make this a police report and the police could request it at their convenience, but I was informed that no matter what I chose to do, this was private property and by staying now I was trespassing, and I needed to leave. They walked me out like a prison cell mate. 

We left. We couldn't return. Or at least I couldn't, and my family refused to go without me. We still made it a good trip, going to Disney, Sea World, Discovery Cove, etc. but we were out SO much money, and the entire thing just hovered over us for the whole trip, and my kids just didn't understand. I don't either. Power trip? That's the only thing I can come up with. It makes me angry, it really does, but it also opened my eyes to the horror everyone is talking about with that place. We have SO many good memories there for several years, so it breaks my heart that we can't bare to step foot in their gates. 

10/11/17 - This story is a worst case senerio of a family not only getting tossed out of the park, but getting evicted from their hotel room with no refund.    I think they should sue but they probably wouldn't win since it's private property.    

DON'T GO TO THIS EVENT!!!! On Oct.6,2017, my husband and our teenage son attended this event. We were staying on vacation for 11 days . My husband purchased an alcoholic beverage and our teenage age son who has some disabilities with behaviors saw the colorful light up drink and started hounding my husband to taste it. We would never give our son a drink but we saw he was about to have an outburst with his behavior so has not to make a scene my husband let him take a sip. We went to sit down and my husband put the drink on the table and my son went to pick it up again , I told him to cut it out he can not have it, at that exact moment a swat team of park security were surrounding us. They told us to give them our ID and to come with them and not give them a hard time. Well what happened next I still can't get over.. we filled out paperwork they took our pictures and told us to hand over our park tickets . Even though I tried to explain what happened and we were not giving him the whole drink. They didn't want to hear it. Then told us we were banned from Universal and all their property for 1 year. Asked us where we were staying , we told them Cabana Bay. We were escorted out of park and went back to our hotel where hotel security about 6 of them were staking out our room and they locked us out of our room. They then told us we were trespassing on their property for serving alcohol to a minor and we had to leave ASAP.. We feel this punishment did not fit the crime. We were treated like low life criminals. I had just recovered from having Cancer and we had been saving our money for this trip for 2 years . I never ever write reviews but I will go on every website if possible to let the public know how mean and cruel Their staff were as well as the police department. I understand the laws of giving alcohol to a minor but for gods sake it was a sip. They are money hungry .. They even will throw you out of park if you video tape or take pics of their event. The park tickets were $1,200 . We lost hotel money it cost us another $650 to fly out in morning. I just want people to be aware of this. I have been going there for 25 years and never in a million years would expect something like this to happen.. As long as I live I will never step foot on anything Universal nor will I ever go back to Florida Again!

09/22/18 - Another pre-game story in the garage.      Hey I’m xxxxxxx I’m sixteen and I just got trespassed from universal yesterday with my friend xxxxxxxx. She had half a warm bud light in the back of her car because she was holding it for a friend so that friend wouldn’t get caught.  xxxxxxx thought it would be funny to just drink the rest before we got in and I agreed knowing that this half a warm bud light wouldn’t even give us a buzz. Before we know it there are six officers surrounding our car. We were spotted by an undercover universal worker dressed as a tourist. I payed for a $145 dollar ticket and never got to go.

Now that's probably the most expensive beer of the year, it was warm, and it was Bud Light which is owned by In-Bev.     Do not drink In-Bev beers, they stole the Sea World / Busch parks in a hostile take over and thinngs have never been the same.   Stay home and drink craft beers instead.   

10/11/19 - I just wanted to share my Trespass Story. My family was enjoying a day at Volcano Bay and tempers became slightly elevated. During an argument my elementary school son punched me. Of course I got angry and I told my son I was going to punch him back. I moved my hand toward him and he moved forward accidentally making contact with his chest. No marks, no bruises a pure reaction. Security came asked me to keep my cool and go enjoy the rest of my day. About an hour later security and Orlando PD approach ne on the park take me to an office and arrest me. Now all the attorney has determined not to press any charges and my record is clean, but I have an indefinite ban from Universal. I asked for forgiveness and I was told I can ask again in a year.   Complete BS

03/10/20 - I found this article googling my experience to see if it was common... Apparently it is.. I was at universal studios today. On a family vacation with my two children and husband. It was day 1 of 4 days and we had been there for 3 hours.  We went over to the simspons ride where my son was going on a ride i went into the gift shop and purchased pennies. I bought all four pennies from the inside machine.  I started looking for our names on keychains when my husband called me over and found a penny book i was talking about wanting as my kids had gotten 30 pennies pressed.  I got so excited about the book i grabbed it and went to the counter to pay for it i was holding all the pennies and put them in my pouch.  I talked to the woman at the check out for a second asking her how many it held ect..  I was then trying to get to my 7 yr old as he was in line and didn't want him to get off the ride and get lost when a man and woman approached me and said i stole!!! I freaked out and panicked as i have never in my life been in trouble. I showed them the receipt for the penny book and told them they was mistaken. They then asked about the keychain. I didnt realize during all the fiasco i had it with the pennies.. I instantly realized it and handed him my credit card.  He said i had to go with him. I said my two children were there and he said they would be fine as he seen my 13 yr old daughter had a phone.. He said " she has a phone"..   They left my two children 7 and 13 bc they had a cell phone i even said my husband was on another ride could we wait or anything.. They said no i needed to walk with them and everything would he okay i would be back with them soon.   I instantly started recording on my cell phone bc part of me felt this was a joke.   They took me to a room where the woman searched me.   I agreed to this bc i did nothing wrong. I had already spent hundreds in the park in the few short hours we were there. Why would i pay for the penny book that costed more but take a 3$ keychain???????    Inside the room i could hear the man and another man making jokes about me and him getting another. ( all on record). They did not want to hear me out i sat there sobbing..    The woman came and asked for my ticket.    She took it and they banned me a year.   My kids still in the park there dad on another ride not knowing whats going on and my husband  not having a phone.  Now 1k on a family trip GONE!!! All due to a misunderstanding.    I cant believe the way they treated me.

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

I don't have a way to blog on this page, but if you want to write to me with your horror story, I'll be glad to post it.    The best way to vent is to write a review on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google,  and other tourist message boards.   You may link to my site if you want.    Tell people to search for the term "Boycott Orlando" to find this page.      

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