Vegas Summer Trip 2008

Sunset Station - Mandalay Bay

Wednesday May 21st - Saturday May 24th

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Arriving DFW.    Laurie had always wanted to ride in a convertible, so we rented a Chrysler Sebring.   Ashley and Sergio are enjoyed their ride in the back seat.  

Here we are at Six Flags Over Texas.   In the 6th picture is Batman.  In the 7th picture is Titan.

We left SFoT at about 02:30pm and drove to YORanch Steakhouse located in downtown Dallas.   I found out about them from the Food Network.  Their web site is here.

Here's the food.   In the 1st picture is their signature plate featured on the Food Network,   Buffalo Filet Mignon.   The steak cut like butter, and it tasted great.   In the 2nd picture is an Avocado salad.  In the 3rd picture is a shrimp pasta dish.  In the 4th picture is a NY Strip Steak.  

We flew to Vegas the same night on AA and checked in the Sunset Station Casino.    This hotel has a movie theater, and 72 lane bowling alley.  Their web site is here.

We were supposed to take a trip to the Grand Canyon on Scenic airlines, but it was cancelled due to bad weather (snowing) at the Canyon.    So we toured the hotels along the strip instead.   Here's the conservatory at the Bellagio.

More pictures of the conservatory and the lobby.


People shots in the conservatory.   

We ate lunch at the Bellagio Buffet, it's rated one of the best in Vegas and it lived up to the hype.   They had everything you could imagine. 

We walked out front to watch the fountain show.   Frank Sinatra music played. 

Night shots of Paris, Bellagio, and Ceasars Palace.

We toured the forum shops of Ceasars Palace.   Ashley liked this the best because it's a giant shopping mall. 

Here's NY NY with the Manhattan roller coaster, and two pictures of the lion habitat at MGM.

The Mandalay Bay hotel and the view from our room on the 26th floor.

The big draw of this hotel is the wave pool and a lazy river.   Sergio is swimming laps.

We were scheduled to visit the Grand Canyon but the trip was cancelled due to bad weather.  We went to Red Rock instead.

Ashley, Sergio, and Laurie climbed half way up the mountain.

Here's pictures of the Venetian.  

I broke even on the gambling.   Played Wheel of Fortune slots, was trying for a 4 million jackpot on a nickel machine ($3.75 a spin) but no luck.   Hit a 1000 credit jackpot ($250) on a quarter machine which was schweet.  

Flew home non stop on Spirit Airlines.  

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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