Vegas Summer Trip 2010

Harrahs - Mandalay Bay

Tuesday May 25th - Friday May 28th

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First up on this trip, a picture of the Los Angeles sky line.   

Here I am at Mom's Tamales early on a Tuesday morning.    I drove straight from the airport.   To find this place, you have to be looking for it.    Here's their web site to get directions, hours, and look at the menu.

The menu and pictures of Guy Fieri from Diners Drive-ins and Dives.

Chips and salsa, they have red and green sauce.    The red sauce has a kick to it, green has more flavor.   Two tamales, one had spinach, the other jalapeno peppers.    A shredded beef burrito filled with beans, rice, onion and cilantro.    How did the food taste?   Words can't describe it.   I drizzled the red and green sauce over the tamales and burrito.    I kept shaking my head wondering how this could be done.    It's kinda like watching the TV show where Guy says so many good things, yet here I was in person.  

Here I am at Knotts Berry Farm, I stayed at Hotel Knotts.   

Pictures of Ghost Rider, and the new coaster called Pony Express.    A couple shots of Xcelerator.  

6am on a Wednesday morning and I'm at Philippe's French Dip located just north of downtown LA.    There was a line of people for breakfast.    I ordered the French dip sandwich seen on the TV show, and they made it, even this early.   What did it taste like?   Really good, the sandwich melts in your mouth.   They have spicy mustard similar to that found at Chinese restaurants.   The apple pie tasted as good as it looks in the picture.

After a quick visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain, I headed to Bob's Big Boy located in Burbank California.

A salad with ranch dressing, ice tea, double decker burger and onion rings.   What did it taste like?    Good.   There's a special relish sauce on the bottom.   Kinda like a big mac, but a different taste. 

Here I am at Harrah's, located in the middle of the Vegas strip.   A view out my window looking at the Mirage.  

Here I am at 4 Kegs, featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.   I ordered a vegetable stromboli.   What did it taste like?   Really good, nice crust, cheese and veggies mix well for a great taste.

Here I am touring the Wynn hotel.   There's pretty flowers just like the Bellagio, and a huge water fall across a lake of dreams.   Out front is a dressage horse statue.  

I toured the Aria hotel, there's a wall of water at the entrance.   

Here I am at In & Out, it's 10:30am, the place has just opened, and it's packed.   There's taxi cabs bringing people.   I had to wait 15 minutes for my order to come out, and this is a fast food joint.   You can see the NY NY hotel in the background, this location is on Tropicana Ave just west of I-15.


Checked into Mandalay Bay on Thursday morning.    A few pictures of the room and my view of The Hotel.

The bathroom at MB is huge, and this is a regular room.   There's a tub and shower stall, along with 2 sinks.  

The big draw of Mandalay Bay is the pool.   Here are shots of the walkway leading to the pool.  

Here's the wave pool, and shots of the crowd.   There was a UFC fight this weekend at MGM, the place was packed.    There was a UFC convention happening at MB, and in the 3rd picture, you can see a Tapout flag flying.   Everything was all UFC, banners everywhere, people walking around in UFC shirts, a real buzz about the place.   

Pictures taken at the top of the Stratosphere.    In the 3rd picture is a ride called X-Scream that hangs over the tower.   In the 4th and 5th pictures is the strip.  In the 6th picture is the airport.    In the 7th picture is Speed the Ride in front of the Saharah hotel. 

Here's a new attraction at the Stratosphere, people are allowed to jump from the tower.    In pictures one and two is a brave soul getting ready.   In picture 3 they're stepping out on to the platform.    In picture 4 she jumps.   In picture 5 is the cable that lowers the person to the ground.   There's a prop on the end of it they adjust to control the fall.   In pictures 6 and 7 is another person taking the fall to the target on the ground.  

Here's the last meal I ate in Vegas, and it was one of the best.   3 green chicken pablano enchiladas.   Words can not describe what this tasted like.   The server asked me how everything was, and I said "incredible" as I shook my head wondering how they could make this.    Slow roasted shredded chicken stuffed into handmade corn tortillas, topped with grilled corn, spinach, and pablano peppers with the green sauce and sour cream drizzled on top.   Boarder grill is located in Mandalay Bay near the convention center.

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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