Atlanta / Richmond / Williamsburg - June 6-9 2012
Six Flags Over Georgia
Kings Dominion
Busch Gardens Europe
Jamestown Settlement

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Day 1 - Wednesday June 6th.     Flew to Atlanta, dropped my bag at the airport ($7), took the rail system to the Hamilton E. Holmes station ($6 rt) , and took the #201 express to Six Flags over Georgia.    The plan worked great, arrived the park before it opened, and saved a bunch of money by not renting a car or paying a parking fee ($20).    

In picture 1 is Wrap-A-Bag in the airport atrium, it's $7 to store a bag here for the day. At SFoG, it's $15, forget that.    In picture 2 is the Breeze card vending machine, this is how you pay for the fare.        In picture 3 is the rail.    Start at the airport, travel to the 5 points station in the middle, then catch the blue line west to the Hamilton E. Holmes station.   In picture 4 is the express bus that goes directly to SFoG.    The trip takes 12 minutes.    In pictures 4-6 are SFoG as I walked up.   

Wrap A Bag Atlanta
Six Flags 201 Express Bus Info

In pictures 1-3 is Dare Devil Dive, the new ride.   In pictures 4-5 is Goliath.    This is the most popular ride in the park. 

In pictures 1-4 is Superman, a flying B&M coaster.   In picture 5 is the Great American Scream Machine.    I rode this as a kid, and it's still here today.

3 pictures of Acrophobia, a drop tower ride.   

Here I am at the Varsity.   To get here, I took the express bus back to the rail system, took the rail system to North Ave, walked a block, and here I was.      In picture 2 is a chili burger, onion rings, peach pie, and an orange whip drink.    What did it taste like, great after visiting the park.    From here I took the rail back to the airport.    The same evening I flew from Atlanta to Richmond, picking up a rental car.   For the first night in Richmond, I stayed at the Motel 6 in Ashland Village.   This is a dive hotel, but was only $45 for the night.

Day 2 Thursday June 7th - I checked out of the Motel 6, and here I am at Kings Dominion.   Dominator is the first ride everyone goes on.  

This is one of the main reasons I came here, to ride I-305.   It goes up 305 feet, and does 90 mph, what a ride.

Here are more park shots.    In picture 1 is Volcano, in pictures 2-4 are shots from Windseeker.     In picture 5 is Drop Zone.

After a great visit to Kings Dominion, I headed over to Dots Back Inn.    This restaurant was featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.    In picture 5, is Black Bean Corn Cakes.   Grilled corn cakes topped with black beans, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and provolone cheese.   What did it taste like?  Awesome.   In picture 6 is a falafel gyro sandwich and chips.   I liked this restaurant so much, I stopped here again on my way to the airport.

From Kings Dominion, I drove about an hour to Williamsburg and checked into the Quality Inn Kingsmill.
Quality Inn Kingsmill
This hotel has great reviews and is very close to Busch Gardens Europe.    I took the gray line bus to the park, it was $2 for an all day ticket.  One time I walked to the park and back when the bus system had stopped running.   The walk was about 20 minutes.     
Williamsburg Bus Routes

Here I am at the most beautiful park in the world, Busch Gardens Europe.    In pictures 3-6 is the new ride called Verbolten.  

In pictures 1-3 is Alpengeist.   In pictures 4-6 is Griffon.    

Day 3 - Friday June 8th.   I spent the morning at Busch Gardens Europe, went back to my room to rest in the afternoon, visited a Mexican restaurant called Taco Mexicali, then returned to Busch Gardens for the evening.  

A picture of the Clydesdales, eagles, and the Loch Ness Monster. 

In pictures 1-4 is a Fresh Market store, located on the west side of Williamsburg.   This store is similar to Whole Foods, and has a nice salad bar.   
The Fresh Market Williamsburg
In pictures 5-8 is where I came to get dinner, Taco Mexicali.    This place has good reviews.   In picture 7 is Chili Relleno.   In picture 8 is veggie tacos.
Taco Mexicali

Day 4 - Saturday June 9th.     I visited Jamestown, drove back to Richmond, had lunch at Dots, and flew home on Delta.   

Above are pictures of the Jamestown Settlement visitor center.    There's a replica of an Indian village, a fort, and 3 ships that came to America in 1607.  A 24 minute movie plays in the visitor center telling the history of how Jamestown started.    

So there we have it, 4 attractions in 4 days with some great food places along the way.  

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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