Destiny Dawg

Pure Bred Yellow Lab


Destiny was born 04/12/03, pure bred female yellow lab.  She was purchased from Puppy Country on 06/14/03.    

Some family pictures taken at the dog park on 08/03/03.  

Taken 10/04/03, Destiny going away for training at 6 months.  She stayed with Larry for 1 month.   During that time, she learned basic commands on a leash, sit, down, stay, heal, come, and place.   Then she learned off leash training with the use of a collar.    Since then, we've taught her more commands such as sit pretty, roll over, hug, bow, and high five. 

Destiny on the way to the dog park on 12/06/03.

Ashley clowning around with Destiny on 03/22/04.

The same picture at the dog park taken 04/03/04.

Destiny is looking cool on the way to the dog park.    These pictures were taken 10/24/04.  Destiny is 18 months at this time.  

Destiny going over a jump during the same visit.

The 4 pictures up above were taken on 12/25/04.   Destiny is happy top open presents with us.  

End of Report.  

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