Destiny Dawg

Pure Bred Yellow Lab


The 2 pictures above were taken on 01/14/05.

The picture above was made by Ashley on 01/20/05.  


Destiny at the beach on 02/19/05.   A small area of Ft. Lauderdale beach is set up as a play area for dogs. 

They chase toys into the water, and run non stop. 

Below are 3 videos to view of Destiny swimming in the ocean. (7 megs) (5 megs) (15 megs)

The above pictures were taken on 04/09/05 at Plantation Happytails Dog Park with the Sony V1.

The above pictures were taken on 05/07/05 in the grass in front of our home using a Canon 20d and Sigma 70-300mm lens.  Thanks to Charles (Charlamagne) for letting me borrow the lens.

The above pictures were taken on 05/15/05 at Happy Tails Dog Park with the 20d and new 24-70L lens.

Another dawg day at the beach for Destiny.   These were taken 06/04/05 at Ft. Lauderdale Beach with the Sony V1. 

Taken on 06/11/05 at Happy Tails Dog Park.  In the 3rd picture, Destiny is playing tag with another dog.   In the last picture, Destiny is with a friend named Wille who lives in the neighborhood. 

Taken 08/20/05 at Heron Bay Animal Hospital located in Coral Springs FL.   This was their grand opening, a new clinic with state of the art equipment.   Destiny is trying out their dog walker.  It fills up with water, and the treadmill moves.    It's used to help injured dogs recover.   If needed, the tank can fill to the top and the dog can swim.     They didn't do that this time, instead, Destiny walked for a few minutes with the tank half full.     Destiny had a great time trying it out

Taken 10/16/05 at the SunCoast Horse Show at the Plantation Equestrian Center.  

These pictures were taken Christmas day 2005.   Destiny enjoys opening presents.  

End of Report.  

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