Destiny Dawg

Pure Bred Yellow Lab


Taken 02/12/06 at the SunCoast Horse Show at Plantation Equestrian Center.  It was a cold day.   Destiny is clowning around with Laurie.

Taken 04/08/06 at the SunCoast Horse Show at Plantation Equestrian Center.   Destiny stood still and posed for these nice pictures.  

Taken 04/12/06, it's Destiny's birthday.   In the first picture on the left is a Carvel Ice Cream cake for the humans.  On the right is a cake from 3 Dog Bakery for Destiny.  These cakes are made with natural ingredients safe for dogs.    In pictures 2 and 3, Destiny is looking at her cake.   In the 4th picture,  we tell Destiny to blow out her candle.   Of coarse she doesn't know how to do this.  She's actually scared of the flame, but knows there is something yummy there.     We cut up a piece of the cake and Destiny woofed it down.  

Here's Destiny opening her presents.   She got some doggie bones, a new collar that says Princess on it, and a new leash.

Here's a couple short video clips of Destiny opening her presents.

Taken 04/29/06 at Canine Beach in Ft. Lauderdale FL, Destiny is having a great time.     It was a fun afternoon.   She played with other dogs having a blast.

Above are videos of Destiny at the beach.  Right click each one and Save As to your hard drive to conserve bandwidth. 

Taken 07/29/06 Another day, another visit to the doggie beach.

Above pictures were taken 12/25/2006, Christmas Morning.   Destiny is opening presents.  

End of Report.  

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