Destiny Dawg

Pure Bred Yellow Lab


Taken 01/13/07.    Destiny is crashing out on Ashley's bed.


Taken 03/10/07.   Destiny is going to Busch Gardens Tampa.  In the first picture, she's waiting at the door.  It's 4am and we're leaving.  In the 2nd picture is the Kennel with Montu in the background.   In the 3rd picture, Destiny is getting a treat before going to the kennel for a few hours. 

That same afternoon, we took Destiny to a dog park before checking into the hotel.   She saw another lab and chased ducks.  

Taken 05/19/07 after Ashley's Sweet 16 party. 

Taken 08/10/07 after we arrived home from our England trip.   Be brought destiny some presents.   She was very happy to see us after we had been away for a week.

Taken Wednesday October 24th in the Keys.   Here's Destiny enjoying the restaurant. 

We visited a beach nearby.   Destiny went for a swim, everyone played with her.  

More pictures of Destiny having fun in the ocean.

The next morning I woke up early and took pictures of Destiny walking around the beach area.   We packed and headed home.   Destiny really enjoyed the stay at White Gate Court.   

Taken 10/27/07 at Johnny's Halloween party.     In the 2nd picture Destiny is up on stage ready to rock.  

End of Report.  

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