Destiny Dawg

Pure Bred Yellow Lab


Taken 04/12/08, it's Destiny's 5th birthday.    Destiny had a party at a friends home.  There were 4 dogs, kids, food, cake, everything you would find at a party for a human, except it was for Destiny.

That's Azul and Destiny swimming in the pool.   In the 3rd picture is Marilyn and Chase.   Marilyn was nice enough to host the party at her house. 

That's me in the back yard saying hello to Chase with Baily.   There was food on the table.   In the 3rd picture, Destiny wants inside for a treat.   Once the dogs knew there was food on the table, they waited at the door begging to get inside.  In the 4th picture is a painting of our trip to England.  Marilyn painted it from pictures we gave her while taking a class.  The painting is now hanging in our living room.

In the first picture, Baily and Destiny are waiting for cake.   In the 2nd picture, Destiny and Chase are waiting for handouts.   We sang happy birthday to Destiny, even lit a candle on the cake.   Destiny barked while we did it.   She seemed to know the celebration was for her.     The dogs had a slice of cake and woofed it down.    Destiny got a few toys as presents.   In the last picture is a group shot of everyone who was there.  

Taken 09/08/09.   Destiny is laying down along the sidewalk next to the lake.

Taken 12/25/08, Destiny opening Christmas presents and then hangout at the barn.

End of Report.  

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