Destiny Dawg

Pure Bred Yellow Lab


10th Birthday Celebration

Taken 04/11/13.    We took Destiny to the Keys in a rental car one day before her birthday (April 12th, 2003).


Here we are at Anne's beach.   Destiny went in the water fetching her new toy.  

We drove all the way to Key West because we wanted to visit a healthy restaurant called The Cafe.   We ordered food to go and ate in the car.   The food was good and worth the extra drive.   After that, we drove past the Southernmost Point.  

We visited Veterans Park, located at MM40 just south of the 7 mile bridge.  This was the best beach of the trip, shallow water that went for a hundred yards, covered picnic tables, and bathrooms. 

Destiny playing tug of war and fetch with her new toy.  

Destiny relaxing on the beach.  

We stopped in Marathon at Baricci Cafe for pizza and cupcakes.   Good food, highly rated.  Destiny loves pizza, it's one of her favorite foods.     Next up was a visit to Sombrero Beach, located in Marathon.  

After a long day visiting 3 beaches, and going all the way to Key West and back, Destiny was worn out.   

The distance from Plantation to KeyWest is 186 miles.   Florida City is MM126, that's where the overseas highway starts.   From there the miles reduce until reaching Key West where US-1 ends at the Southernmost point.  

End of Report.  

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