2006 Dodge Charger

Monarch Dodge


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Took delivery of his Dodge Charger on 11/15/05.  

The car was ordered on 09/17/05, built on 10/21/05, delivered to Miami on 11/08/05, delivered to the dealer on 11/14/05, and picked up on 11/15/05.    

I put $1000 down when I ordered the Charger.  

That's Jeffrey Fair (Sales Manager) and Wendy (collects the money and final paperwork).

The Charger had arrived the previous day.  They parked it out front under the overhang where everyone could see it.  Jeffrey told me the other sales people wanted to sell it.  I'm unlocking the car and opening the door for the first time.  

The odometer reads 6.  Here I am shaking hands with Jeffrey.

Here I am sitting in the Charger getting ready to drive it off the lot.  In the first picture, you can see a blue Dakota covered up by the support pole at the top of the picture.   That's our Dodge Dakota Quad Cab also purchased from Monarch Dodge in 2000.  We got a great deal on the truck by ordering and waiting two months.    Both of our vehicles are now the same color.     The last picture is the sticker, it has my name on it. 

Total price OTD was $25864.07.  The car was ordered for $100 over invoice.   

The vehicle order reads as follows.

2006 Dodge Charger SXT, Package 27G (power everything), 18x7.5 Aluminum Wheels, Sirius Satellite, 6-Disc CD Changer MP3 $25953.00

Waste Tire Fee $6.00

Waste Lead-Acid Fee $1.50

Total Price $25959.50

Delivery Fee $599.95 (included in Total Price)

Complete Purchase Price $25959.50

State Sales Tax  = $1557.57

Transfer Title $97

Sub Total $27614.07

Daimler Chrysler Rebate $1750

Final Total = $25864.07

The rebates included a special $750 relief from hurricane Katrina to help everyone.  They didn't advertise this, it was just given.   The price of the Charger went up slightly, but then there were extra rebates thrown in that appeared after I ordered.   So if you try to match these numbers to Edmunds, it won't work, but the bottom line is I got the car for less than what I expected. 

Almost 2 months from when I ordered to when I picked it up.  Not bad considering I got exactly what I wanted.  

If you are looking for a Dodge Charger, please call Monarch Dodge in Lauderdale Lakes at (954) 484-2300 and ask for Jeffrey Fair.

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