Ohio - New York - Pennsylvania
Kings Island - Cedar Point - Darien Lake - Kennywood
Niagara Falls
Whole Foods - Casa Real - Anchor Bar - Pita House
 Tuesday June 17th - Saturday June 21st

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Day 1 - Tuesday June 17th 2014

Here I am flying over Lake Okeechobee.   That's US-27 and South Bay FL, a road I've traveled many times driving from one side of the state to the other.    After arriving in Columbus Ohio, I drove 2 hours to Mason Ohio, and visited Whole Foods for the salad bar.

Artichoke tray, and the salad I made before adding dressing to it.    When you make a salad, they tell you to "eat the rainbow" of different colors.   That salad definately has a good mix, and they're always different when eating at Whole Foods.    Expensive?    Yes, but healthy.  

After eating at Whole Foods, I visited Kings Island picking up my season pass.   

Pictured is Banshee.   167 feet tall, 67 mph.      This is one reason for my visit, to check this coaster off my bucket list.   What is my bucket list?   See below for more info.  

Pictured is Diamond back, my #1 B&M hyper coaster.     230 feet tall, 80 mph.  


Day 2 - Wednesday June 18th 2014 - After driving 5 hours from Mason OH to Sandusky, I arrived at Cedar Point.    It's always exciting driving across the causeway and seeing the rides. 

Millennium Force, my #1 ranked coaster, still a great ride after 14 years.    310 feet tall, 93 mph. 

Pictured is Gate Keeper, another coaster I checked off my bucket list.   170 feet tall, 67 mph. 

A few pictures of Raptor (137 feet tall,57 mph) and a picture of myself looking at the park camera.   I brought up the picture on my iPhone, and snapped it.   I usually sit at work looking at that camera wondering when I will visit again.   Well, on this day, I was in the picture looking at the camera. 

The Thrill Ride Tour at Cedar Point is still Maverick, Millennium Force, Raptor, Top Thrill Dragster.  

Do Not take out a cell phone on any rides.    The Ride Ops were stopping coasters if anyone took out a phone.   Why would someone take out their phone on a coaster?    To take a selfie.   Don't Do It.    My phone stayed in my pocket with a velco flap to keep it safe.  

Here I am at Casa Real in Sandusky OH.    This is the best Mexican restaurant around, they've been in business for years,and the food was great.   Pictured is vegetable fajitas.   I ate half and took some back to my hotel room, the La Quinta in Sandusky. 

 Day 3 - Thursday June 19th 2014 - After 5 hours of driving from Sandusky to Buffalo NY, I arrived at Darien Lake.    I remembered to set the Avoid Tolls option on my GPS and it took me on Hwy 5 and 20 along Lake Erie through small towns and surface streets.  On the way, I stopped at a grocery store and bought a discount ticket.      The I-90 in NY is a toll road.       Pictured is Ride Of Steel (ROS) (208 feet tall, 73 mph), another coaster I checked off my bucket list.

Niagara Falls.    Looking at it in pictures is not good enough.    You have to be there in person to hear the sound and feel the power of the water.  

More pictures of Niagara Falls.    In the 5th picture is a lower path that leads to a picture taking spot.   

I can see Canada from here.   In picture 3 is Maid of The Mist heading out.   In picture 4 is the top of the tower.   Picture 5 is the Rainbow bridge leading to Canada.

The tower is 200 feet above the ground.   Elevators take guests to the lower area to see the falls up close.  From here you get a light spray from the mist.      

Here I'm visiting Anchor Bar in Buffalo NY.    This is where the chicken wing started in 1964 by Teressa Bellissimo.   In the past, they were used for soup stock or thrown away.  


10 wings medium, a dinner salad, and onion rings.    Normally, I would not eat this food, but in this case, I made an exception (cheating).   What did it taste like eating chicken wings where it all started.    Good.  

Day 4 - Friday June 20th 2014 - After driving 5 hours from Buffalo to Pittsburgh, I visited Kennywood.    I stopped at a grocery store along the way and bought a discounted ticket.    Pictures of Phantoms revenge (160 feet tall, 85 mph) and fries from the potatoe patch.     When you visit Kennywood, you have to eat the fries, it's been documented on travel shows.   Once again, I normally don't eat this food, but in this case, I made an exception (cheating).   

After visiting Kennywood, I drove another 3 hours to Columbus OH.    I visited the Pita House to have a Falafel Pita on Whole Wheat, hummus, Schug (spicy sauce), salad, falafel, eggplant, and tahani on top.   Tasted just like the pitas I have at home, one of the best meals of the trip. 

Conclusion:  Great visit checking off 3 coasters from my bucket list.    What is my bucket list?   It's right here.
The USA Steel List

I drove the rental car 1,167 miles.    It was a Chevy Spark that got 40 mpg.    I stayed one night at 4 different La Quinta hotels.    Each morning, I drove 5 hours, remembering to use the Avoid Tolls option on the GPS.      On the day I visited Kennywood then returned to Columbus, I drove 8 hours.    A lot of driving, but I visited all the places on my list.   

Regarding the food places, here is how to eat healthy on trips.   Frist see if there is a Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or similar.  If so, then eat the salad, even if it costs $10-$15.     After that, use the Trip Advisor app and find the best Mediterranean or Mexican restaurant.  Mediterranean restaurants will serve Falafel pitas.   Mexican restaurants will serve vegetable fijitas or tacos.    

Movies to Watch
"Fat Sick and Nearly Dead"
"Hungry For Change"
"Forks Over Knives"
"Eating Like a Nutritarian"

You can search YouTube and watch the trailers, such as this one for "Hungry For Change."

How to make Mean Green Juice with a blender (Vitamix) is here.   I make this every week.  

More info on healthy eating can be found here.
Healthy Food  Pictures

End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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