"USA Carnival Coaster Ignore List"

The "USA Carnival Coaster List" (broken out by manufacturer category)   

Wild and Wooly Toboggan

This is what started the Carnival Coaster craze.     You can find this coaster traveling all over the country at fairs and a few permanent locations.    Chance Rides gave us this coaster, going all the way back to 1971.    At least they make better coasters today with Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom.    

Gustlauer (Euro Fighters)
Mystery Mine (DollyWood)
Dare Devil Dive (SFoG)
Sponge Bob Square Pants (Nickelodeon Universe)
Untamed (Canobie Lake Park)
Tantrum (Darien Lake)

Dollywood had one of the first modern Carnival Coasters back in 2007 in the USA.  People didn't think much of it in terms of the future, the ride was well theamed, seemed to be a hit at first.    But what followed was more of the same by other manufacturers and parks looking for a small footprint.       The problem is they are head bangers, not much air time, and hanging on for your life after the big drop.   The rides from the other parks are not theamed like Mystery Mine, just a big carnival coaster sitting on a lot.    Darien Lake, you have to be joking with Trantrum.   10 years with no new coaster, and this is what you give the fans, and the last coaster before that was Moto Coaster.     Pathetic, just Pathetic.    A 20 second ride time.  

Gustlauer (Infinity)
Monster (Adventureland)
Hangtime (KBF)

Gustlauer Big Spin
Fairly Odd Coaster (Nickelodeon Universe)
Spinning Dragons (WoF)
Pandemonium (SFNE)
Pandemonium (SFFT)
Pandemonium (SFSTL)
Pandemonium (SFoT)
Pandemonium (SFDK)

A newer version of the wild mouse ride, these spin, weeeeee.      Great for the little kids, but don't hype these as thrill rides.   

Thunderbolt (Luna Park)
Rollin' Thunder (OWA)
Pony Express (KBF)
Moto Coaster (Darien Lake)

A recent clone of a Eurofighter when it comes to Thunderbolt and Rollin' Tunuder.   The other two coasters are family motocycle rides, best for kids.     Try it once at each park, and then you've done it.   

Zierer (Tower Coaster)
Impulse (Knoebels)
Wicked (Lagoon)

More clones of the EuroFighters.   

Found at various Six Flags parks.   Not in RCDB.   A single looping ride like those found at traveling fairs.     SF, can you get any more confusing with the names?      
Six Flags America - Bourbon Street Fireball
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Dare Devil Chaos
Six Flags Great Adventure - El Diablo
Six Flags Over Georgia - Joker's Chaos
Six Flags St. Louis - Fireball
Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Fireball
Six Flags New England - Fireball
Six Flags Great Escape - Greezed Lightning
Six Flags Great America - Mardi Gras Hangover
Six Flags Over Texas - Lone Star Revolution
Kentucky Kingdom - Eye Of The Storm
ValleyFair - Delirious

Premier Sky Rocket II
Superman Ultimate Flight (SFDK)
Tempesto (BGE)
Phobia Phear Coaster (Lake Compounce)
Electric Eel (SWSD)
Tigris (BGT)

Are you kidding me Lake Compounce?    After 15 years of support and no new coaster, this is what you give the fans?    It was bad enough that BGE went and installed one of these things, then you had to follow.    Pathetic.    I rode Superman at SFDK.   While the launch is fun, the rest of the ride is bla and it's very short.     One and Done.  

S&S LSM Triple Launch
GaleForce (Playland's Castaway Cove)

Here we have S&S getting into the "Double Looper" act.   The hype of this coaster is that it has 3 launches similar to the Premier rides.   

Intamin Ball Spin Zac Coaster

Green Lantern First Flight (SFMM) (Closed 2018)

Only one of these in the USA, thank you.    A rider was killed when thrown from a similar version in Spain.    I walked up to this ride, took a look, then walked away.          

S&S 4D Free Spin

Batman The Ride (SFFT)
Joker (SFNJ)
Joker (SFGAm)
Joker (SFNE)
Joker (SFoT)
Batman The Ride (SFDK)

S&S getting in the Spaghetti Coaster craze.       Not interested in these rides, they are a joke, pun intended.      

S&S El Loco

Steel Hawg (Indiana Beach)
El Loco (Adventure Dome)

El Loco is the category of these coasters, 2 in the USA, 6 in the world.   Crazy is right.    One more category by S&S not listed here is Screaming Squirrel.   None in the USA, S&S has one in Russia, one in China, and one in Italy to touture those poor souls.  

Mack/Mauer Wild Mouse
Coast Rider (KBF)
Dark Knight (SFGAm)
Dark Knight (SFNJ)
Goofy's Sky School (DCA)
Project X (Legoland FL)
Ricochet (KD)
Ricochet (Carowinds)
Sand Serpent (BGT)
Technic Coaster (Legoland CA)
Wild Mouse (Lagoon)
Go Bananas (Wild Adventures)
Gotham City Gauntlet (SFNE)
Wild Mouse (Dorney)
Wild Mouse (Hershey)

The wild mouse rides found at most fairs.    Some have been removed from the big parks, thank you.    The best of these are the dark rides found at the Six Flags parks.   
There are also Wild Mouse rides made by Zamperela at various parks.   

Arrow Mad Mouse
Mad Mouse (ValleyFair)
Mad Mouse (Michigan's Adventure)
Psycho Mouse (California's Great America)

Mack Family Spin
Cobra's Curse (BGT)

I went on this ride in 2017.     The ride is fun but the re-ride factor isn't there.      Do you know what the longest line in the park is for?   Cheetah Hunt, an Intamin.       

Reverchon Spin
Primevil Whirl (AK)
Exterminator (KW)
Crazy Mouse (Myrtle Beach)

The best are indoors in the dark, such as Exterminator at KW, which still has huge lines.    Seems the real name for this ride is Crazy Mouse.     Amazing that Animal Kingdom left their spin ride outside, when they could have put it in a box.   

Maurer Spin
Steel Dragon (Waldameer PA)
Spider (Lagoon)
Undertow (SCBB)
Laff Trakk (Hershey)

At least Hershey put their spin ride in a box.

Intamin Shuttle

Wicked Twister (CP)
Possessed (DP)
Vertical Velocity (SFGAm)
Vertical Velocity (SFDK)
Steel Venom (Valley Fair)

These are actually fun rides, but not traditional coasters.   Even though they are fun, it seems no new versions are being made.    

Skyline Attraction(Skywarp)
Harley Quinn Crazy Not a Coaster (SFDK)

My USA Carnival Coaster List = 73, I have been on 18 and don't care about the rest.  

Dis-Honorable mention would go to Cedar Point for counting Pipe Scream as a coaster.    No, it's a flat spin shuttle ride, not a coaster, not in RCDB.      CP really has 15 coasters that can be counted by adults, not 18 like they advertise.    That's because one of them is a kiddie ride (Wilderness Run) which adults can't ride unless they have a kid (even if the queue is empty), one is a flat ride (Pipe Scream), and one is a shuttle (Wicked Twister).     Why am I ragging on CP?   Because they think if they can count Wicked Twister as a coaster, then they can count Pipe Scream as well.     This is a gray area, because both are powered, both don't make a complete circuit, yet Wicked Twister is counted as a coaster in RCDB.   

Conclusion: The parks are being cheap to the fans by installing these Carnival Coasters to save money and space.    I've been on some of them, but they're not the same as a traditional coaster.     These are gimmick rides to be avoided, otherwise we'll keep getting them.    It seems that new Intamin Shuttle and Zamperla Moto Coasters are done (no new installs) in the USA, but the newer gimmick rides are still being installed.    The mouse rides are great for families, but the newer rides at the top of this page the parks are installing are pathetic.   I usually walk right past them and don't even bother.    Let's put it this way, I don't travel to these parks as a "destination" for any of the rides listed on this page.      

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End of Report.   Thanks for reading. 

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