"USA Old Skool Rides"

Rides I no longer care to go on because they are so outdated.   These would be old skool Arrows, SLCs, boomerangs, and water rides.    Some of these rides are 40+ years old, their design was before modern day cad/cam programs.   The ride is very jerky, head bangs into the Over The Shoulder Restraint (OTSR).    Click the links for more info, then back to return here.

Six Flags
SFMMViper (Arrow)
SFGAmDemon (Arrow)
SFoG - Blue Hawk (Vekoma)
SFNEFlashback (Vekoma Boomerang)   Mind Eraser (Vekoma SLC)
SFFT - Boomerang (Vekoma Boomerang)   Road Runner Express (Arrow)
SFDKBoomerang Coast to Coaster (Vekoma Boomerang)   Kong (Vekoma SLC)
SFAMind Eraser (Vekoma SLC)   Batwing (Vekoma Flying)
SFSTLBoomerang (Vekoma Boomerang)   Ninja ( Vekoma)
SFGEFlashback (Vekoma Boomerang)   Steamin' Demon (Arrow)
SFDL  -  Boomerang Coast to Coaster (Vekoma Boomerang)   Mind Eraser (Vekoma SLC)  Viper (Arrow)

Cedar Fair
Cedar Point - Corkscrew (Arrow)
CarowindsCarolina Cyclone (Arrow)   Flying Cobras (Vekoma Boomerang)   Nighthawk (Vekoma Flying)
Kings Dominion - Anaconda (Arrow) 
California's Great AmericaDemon (Arrow) 
Worlds of FunBoomerang (Vekoma Boomerang) 
Valley Fair - Corkscrew (Arrow) 
Michigan's AdventureCorkscrew (Arrow)   Thunderhawk (Vekoma SLC)

Hershey Park - Sidewinder (Vekoma Boomerang)

Dollywood  -  Tennessee Tornado (Arrow)
*Wild Adventures  -  Boomerang (Vekoma Boomerang)   Twisted Typhoon (Vekoma SLC)

Parques Reunidos
Lake CompounceZoomerang (Vekoma Boomerang)

Kentucky Kingdom - T3 (Vekoma SLC)    <--- Most Painful Ride on the planet.   #1.   Guys, wear a cup.  
*Silverwood  -  Corkscrew (Arrow)
*Elitch Gardens  -  Mind Eraser (Vekoma SLC)   Boomerang (Vekoma Boomerang)   Sidewinder (Arrow)
*Morey's Piers  -  Fly The Great Nor'Easter (Vekoma SLC)   Sea Serpent (Vekoma Boomerang)
*Magic Springs and Crystal Falls  -  Gauntlet (Vekoma SLC)
*Wild Adventures  -  Twisted Typhoon (Vekoma SLC)

It looks like the winner of the Old Skool category is Carowinds, Darien Lake, and Elitch Gardens with three.   Elitch Gardens and Darien Lake were once Six Flags parks.  You can see the blue print of the old rides how Six Flags put them in all their parks.    In 2018, Darien Lake became a Six Flags park once again, welcome to the step child world.      Not much has been updated in these parks for years, the rides go back to the 1990s.     Denver and Buffalo are major markets that could support newer rides, yet they're stuck with the old Six Flags blue print from the 1990s.

 I also don't care for the old skool water rides that soak the passengers.   These would be flume, chute, and raft rides.     The water park is now a separate attraction, and the old style water rides are outdated.   Many of these rides are far from the water park and out of place.      Please remove these rides and put in something better.  

The best ride of all of these would probably be Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood.  Short lines, good ride, not too much head bouncing.     But I'm still over all the above list.    It's like hanging on for your life.   T3 at KK wins the most painful ride as the restraint locks down.  If you're a guy, best to wear a cup for your balls and push up on the restraint as the ride goes on.    One and Done.     I'm not kidding.      China.   Send this ride to China.  

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